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Friday, March 7, 2014


  1. An Accident Case FIR No. 40/14 is registered at PS Dhalli on 07-03-14 U/S 279, 201 IPC & 184, 187 MV Act on the statement of Sh. Niraj Chauhan S/o Sh. Bhagat Singh Chauhan R/o Vill. Khadiun, PO Janarghat, Sub Tehsil Junga, District Shimla, alleging therein that on 6-3-14 at about 6.30PM he was present in his Alto Car No. HP52A-3850 at Janerghat Bazar, in the mean time an Alto Car No. HP03-0270 came rashly and hit his vehicle, which was driven by Arun Kumar S/o Sh. Revti Ram R/o Bharach, Distt. Shimla. The Case is being investigated by HC Prem Singh, I/O PP Junga..

  2. A Theft Case FIR No. 41/14 is registered at PS Dhalli on 07-03-14 U/S 379, 34 IPC & 25 Telegraph Act on the statement of Sh. Narayan Dass, TM Telephone Exchange Durgapur, alleging therein that on 7-3-14 at 3.00AM when he was checked all the lines of cable with his instrument and he found that Mazari line has broken by some unknown. He informed about this to R.M. After few minutes the native of Kogi namely Rakesh and Joginder informed him that a Bolero Camper No. HP63B-0370 came from village Mazari side to Durgapur. On this information above Bolero Camper has been roundup at Durgapur near UCO Bank & recovered 50 pair cable wire from the possession of namely Ganesh Sharma S/o Sh. Ram Saran Sharma R/o Kairtu, Teh. Theog & Rajinder Kumar S/o Sh. Molak Ram R/o Sonala, PO Barog, Teh. Theog. ACCUSED ARRESTED. The Case is being investigated by HC Ashish Nautiyal, I/O PP Mashobra.

  3. A Cheating Case FIR No. 11/14 is registered at PS Jhakri on 07-03-14 U/S 420, 467, 468 IPC on the complaint of Sh. Ashok Negi, Pradhan GP Jeori, alleging therein that Smt. Raj Kanta, Vice Pradhan GP Jeori has made forgery in Panchyat by obtaining  double financial benefit having her presence in Panchyat as well as MANREGA Mustrol. The Case is being investigated by ASI Bhup Singh, I/C PP Jeori.

  4. An Unlawful Assembly Case FIR No. 30/14 is registered at PS Sadar on 06-03-14 U/S 143, 188 IPC on the report of SHO PS Sadar that on 5-3-14 at about 3.00PM about 15/20 worker of CITU assembled unlawfully near MC Office The Mall Shimla in the leadership of Sh. Vijender Mehra and shouted against MC Shimla. The Case is being investigated by PSI Jai Nand, I/O PS Sadar, Shimla.

  5. During last 24 hours 100 vehicles were challaned by Shimla Police under MV Act., 10 persons were challaned under Smoking Act. The total amount of Compounding fee of challan is Rs. 21,900/-.

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