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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Crime Report on Dec. 24, 2016

  1. An Accident case FIR No. 221/16 has been registered at PS Theog on 23.12.2016 U/S 279 427 IPC on the statement of Sh. Shyam Lal Sharma S/o Lt. Sh. Narayan Dutt Sharma R/o Kanaur Nala, PO Kufri, Tehsil Theog, Shimla stated therein that on 23.12.2016, his son namely Ramesh parked his Alto Car No. HP-09C-0634 on the roadside near Bekhalti. At about 09-00 PM, one Mr. Vijay R/o Bekhalti informed telephonically him that one A/F car No.  4128 (Alto 800) driven  by Harbinder Singh R/o Village Chanairi,  PO Nankhari, came rashly from Theog side and hit his vehicle & damaged it. The case is being investigated by HC Ramesh Chand, I/O PP Fagu.

  2. An Accident case FIR No.  84/16 has been registered at PS Chirgaon on 23.12.2016 U/S 279 337 IPC on the rukka of HHC Shishi Ram, I/O PS Chirgaon, Shimla stated therein that on 23.12.2016 at about 02-45 PM, one Alto Car No. HP-10A-8941 met with an accident at Akta Nala near Jangla due to rash & negligent driving of Prem Singh S/o Sh. Kesar Singh R/o Dhamwari, Shimla and rolled down from the road, caused sustained injuries to four persons. The case is being investigated by HHC Shishi Ram, I/O PS Chirgaon.   

  3. A Burglary case FIR No. 113/16 has been registered at PS Jahkri on 23.12.2016 U/S 457 380 IPC on the statement of Smt. Ranjana Devi W/o Sh. Bhagat Singh Negi R/o Village Chakai, PO Shahdhar, Tehsil Rampur, Shimla stated therein that his brother namely Shakti Kumar R/o Sarahan, Tehsil Rampur, Shimla is serving in Bihar State and rarely visit to home at Sarahan. On 23.12.2016, she went to Sarahan Bazar. After that at about 03-00 PM, she went to check the house of his brother and found that some unknown person has broken the door lock of his house and stolen away 1 Kg of silver utensils. The case is being ASI Rajesh Kumar, I/C PP Sarahan.

  4. A Rioting case FIR No. 74/16 has been registered at PS Chopal today on 24.11.2016 U/S 147,148,149,323,341 IPC on the statement of Sh. Rajender Singh @ Raju R/o Village Barkoli, PO Pulbuhal, Tehsil Chopal, Shimla stating therein that during the midnight on 22.12.2016 when he is going back to Jagat Ram's House, on the way Durga Singh, Kewal Ram, Shyam Singh, Sunder Singh, Raju and Bablu all the resident of village Khalantoo obstructed his way and beaten him brutally. The case is being investigated by HC Ankush, I/O PS Chopal

  5. During last 24 hours 375 vehicles were challaned under MV Act, compounded = 131 & fine realized Rs. 53,300/- and 74 persons challaned under Smoking Act & fine collected Rs. 7,500/-.    

    Follow Up

  1. Accused Atul Sharma  S/o Sh. Murari Lal Sharma R/o Village Bhujpura, Thakur wali Gali, PO Jaigaj, Tehsil & Distt. Aligarh, UP A/P Tenant C/o Kundan R/o Vandana Enclave, near Cement Agency, Khoda Colony, Gajiabad, UP, arrested in case FIR No. 121/16 Dt. 08.12.2016 U/S 420 IPC at PS East, today remanded in Judicial custody the Ld. Court.

  2. Accused Mewa Lal S/o Sh. Shankar R/o Village Dhamasur PO Chhetamare, Tehsil & Distt. Salyan Anchal Rawati Nepal, age 40 years, arrested in case FIR No. 06/16 Dt. 16.01.2016 U/S 302 IPC at PS Rohru, is on Police Remand upto 26.12.2016.  


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