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Thursday, August 15, 2013


1             A HOUSE  TRESSPASS  Case FIR No.150/13 is registered at PS Sadar on   14.08.13 U/S 147,454, 448, 504 IPC on the statement  of Smt. Kamla Thakur   D/o  Sh T.R.Thakur Employee 4th class HPPWD Mandel No 3 Winter Field Shimla, alleging    there in that  on 14.08.13 Sh Radha Shyam along with 8/10 other persons came her quarter at Winter  Field  & broken the    lock of her quarter & trespass in her room and threw out his house hold articles from   her room & using filthy  language. The case is being investigated by HC Anil  Kumar I/O PS  Sadar  Shimla.

2           AN ACCIDENT Case FIR No 128/13 is registered at PS Rampur on 15.08.13 U/S 279,337,304A IPC on the statement of Sh Dola Ram S/o Late Sh Moti Ram Village Bharasa P.O Noula Tehsil Kumarsain Distt Shimla, alleging therein that on 15.08.13 at about 4.30 AM when he was going outside towards Bhera Khadd, at that time one Santro Car No HP 34B-2984 coming  toward Bharakhad  in over speed and fell down from the road about 60-70 ft below. In which one person Bhemma Ram S/o Sh. Rota Ram Village Bachhad P.O Pajai the Bali Chowki Mandi HP died on the spot and Dola Ram S/o  Ramku Ramn Village Sharabai P.O Bhuntar  Distt Kullu was driving the above said vehicle. The Case is being investigated by HC Bakshi Ram I/O PS Rampur.

3           AN ACCIDENT Case FIR No 129/13 is  registered at  PS Rampur 15.08.13 U/S 279,304A on the Ruka of HC Devinder Nath I/O PP Nankhari, alleging therein that on 15.08.13 in the morning information received in PP Nankhari that one vehicle has fell down in to hill in Parmeshwari Dhank. In this information HC Devinder Nath alongwith other staff reached to spot at where police personals of PP Narkanda  were  already present. During inspection of Spot a vehicle Jeep No CH01TA-3530 found in accidental condition below 250 ft from road with apple Boxes and one person/driver namely Babu Ram S/o Sh. Sehnesh Singh R/o House No 330  Malowa Chandigarh found dead nearby vehicle. The Case is being investigated by HC Devinder Nath  I/O PS Rampur.

4       A HOUSE-TRESPASS Case FIR No.39/13 is registered at PS  Jhakri  on 14.08.13 U/S 448,506 IPC on the complaint of Sh. Devender  Singh S/o Sh. Om Parkash  R/o Vill. Bathata P.O Shahdhar Teh. Rampur Distt. Shimla (H.P) against his father Om Parkash S/o Sh. Jeeta Lal R/o Bathara P.O Shahdhar Teh. Rampur  Distt. Shimla by the order of ACJM Rampur under law 156(3) Cr.Pc that the complainant of Devinder Singh constructed a house of central scheme of "INDRA AWASYOJNA " to a sum of Rs 27500/- thereafter accused Om Parkash  the complainant father claiming the ownership over the house on 13.08.13 when Devender Singh tried to open the room the accused person threatened to kill him. The Case is being investigated by ASI Chharing  Dorje I/C PP Sarahan. 

5            A WRONGFUL  RESTRAINT  Case FIR No.99/13  is registered at PS Kumarsain on 15.08.13 /S 341,323IPC on the statement of Sh. Bharatbhushan S/o Sh.Fathe Ram R/o Vill. Kana (Narla) P.O Baragoan Tehsil Kumarsain , alleging therein that on  14.08.13 at about 9.30 PM  evening  when he was coming  retuned back from Chmola Khadd on way  near Kana one person namely Madan Lal  R/o Vill. Bharari obstructed   Wrongful Restraint and beaten him with kicks and punching and got sustained injured. The case is being  investigated by LHC Sita I/O PS Kumarsain.

6             During last  24  hours 140 vehicles  were  challaned  by  Shimla Police under MV Act  & 03  persons were  challaned  under  COTPA   (Cigarette & Other Tobacco Act 2005  & ). The  total  amount of  Compounding fee of challans under MV Act is Rs. 24,600/-.

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