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Monday, August 12, 2013


1.                 A GAMBLING ACT  Case FIR No 97/13  is  registered at PS Theog on  12-08-13 U/S 3/4-13-67  Gambling  Act  on the Rukka of ASI Kamal Nain I/C PP Fagu, alleging  therein that  on 12-08-13 at 12-30 AM when he was on Naka Duty along with staff at Sarog Gali then secret information received  from  Suresh Kumar  S/o Sh.  Tulsi Ram organized a Gamble game at his home. In this information when they raid  than 13 persons playing gambling  namely Devender S/o Shiv Ram R/o Bathiwada PO Fagu, Suneel S/o Bharat Singh R/o Pajog P.O. Dhalli, Amar Singh S/o Atter Singh R/o Sheelu P.O. Mashobra , Shayam Singh S/o Ajjet Singh R/o Dharech Tehsil Theog , Diwan Singh S/o Shiv Ram R/o Kadewag P.O Sarog ,Vishal Verma S/o Hoshiyar Singh R/o Panewag  Tehsil K/Sain, Gain Singh S/o Durga Singh R/o Sanain Ghati PO Sarog, Vijay Singh S/o Chet Singh R/o Katiyar P.O Fagu, Rakesh S/o Dhayan Singh R/O Gawach P.O Majar, Rajesh S/o Balak Ram R/O Kayari PO Sarog , Mohan Singh S/o Hira Singh R/o Padam Lodge Sanjauly Shimla , Bishan Thakur S/o Khem Chand R/o Prem Cottage  Shagti PO Sanjouli  and  Jitender S/o Ram Krishan R/o VPO Mashobra, caughted  red handed with 52 playing card and 40,400/- on the spot. The Case being investigated by ASI Kamal Nain I/C PP Fagu.

2.      A  HOUSE TRESPASS  & MODESTY  Case FIR No. 38/13 is registered  at  PS Jhakri  on 12.08.13  U/S 451,354,506 IPC on the statement of  Smt, Veer Mani W/o Sh. Rosha Lal Vill. Khudna P.O. Sarpara Tehsil Rampur Distt. Shimla, alleging therein that on 09/08/12 when she was with her children at home at about 2.30 PM  one person namely Jiya Lal  S/o Sh. Habli Ram came to her home in influence of alcohol & dragged her salwar and started misbehaving and  abused and threatened her.  The Case is being investigated by ASI Narender Kumar I/O PS Jhakri.

3.    A CRIMINAL TRESPASS Case FIR No. 37/13 is registered  at PS Chopal on 11.8.2013  U/S  447, 323,34 IPC on the report smt. Veeri Devi W/o Sh. Mast Ram R/o Guru ke Dhar (Kothi) tehsil Chopal , alleging therein that on 10.8.2013 at about 2:30 PM  he  & his  family member were plucking apple from their garden, after some time Moji Ram S/o Sh. Balia Ram ,Lachi Ram S/o Sh. Moji Ram & smt. Najru Devi w/o sh. Lachi Ram came in to our field & said that was our field. They started abusing. Moji Ram was equipped with Danda & he hit on his head & leg with danda, he also hit danda his daughter Mamta on shoulder & also beaten daughter Reena. . The Case is being investigated by ASI Subash Chand I/C PP Kupvi PS Chopoal .                                                       

4.    A CRIMINAL TRESPASS Case FIR No. 38/13  is registered  PS  Chopal on 11.8.2013  U/S 447,323,34 IPC on the report Sh. Mouji Ram  S/o Lt.Sh. Balia Ram R/O Guru ke Dhar (Kothi) tehsil Chopal, alleging therein that  on 10.8.2013 at about 2:30 PM, He was informed that Roop Singh and his family member were plucking apple in field which is disputed. When he and his  daughter in law reached in his field Roop Singh and his wife Pinki Devi ,Biri Devi W/o Mast Ram and Reena Devi D/o Mast Ram abusing and beaten  above  person and his daughter in law.  The Case is being investigated by ASI Subash Chand I/C PP Kupvi PS Chopal.

5.      During last  24 hours  151 vehicles were challaned  by Shimla  Police under MV Act. & 06 persons were challaned under COTPA (Cigarette & Other Tobacco Act 2005).  The total amount of Compounding fee of challans under MV Act is Rs. 30,800/-.

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