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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Crime Report 14 August 2014

  1. An Accident case FIR No. 32/14 has registered at PS Jubbal on 13.08.2014 U/279,337 IPC on the statement of Sh. Som Dutt S/o Sh. Jeet Singh R/o Village- Ruidhar, PO- Nandpur,  Tehsil & PS- Jubbal, Shimla alleging therein that on 13.08.2014,he was coming towards Sawada in HRTC Bus No. HP-10B-7623. About 50/55 passengers were travelling in this bus. When the bus reached near village- Solipur, Driver Lokinder Singh S/o Sh. Murti Ram has lost his control and Bus turn over from the road. All passengers have got injuries in this accident.  The case is being investigated by SI Sanjeev Kumar I/C PP Sarswati Nagar.

  2. An Attempt to murder case FIR No. 118/14 has registered at PS Dhalli on 13.08.2014 U/S 307,427 IPC on the complaint that 3 or 4  months ago, she along with her husband & 11 year old son were came to Shimla in a car. They were going to visit Naldehra. When they reached near Naldehra, her husband tried to kill them by put the car on fire. The case is being investigated by P/SI Rajnish Kumar, I/O PS Dhalli.

  3. An Accident case FIR No 119/14 has registered at PS Dhalli today on 14.08.2014 U/S 279,337 IPC has been registered on the rukka of HC Rameshwer Singh I/O PS Dhalli on  14.08.2014, alleging therein that one Shamshad Husain S/o Ansar Husain R/o Vill & PO- Saroli, Tehsil- Aanvla, Distt- Bareli (UP) got injuries in an accident with the vehicle No UP-25AT-7666. This accident caused due to rash & negligent driving of driver Her Prasad Gujjer. The case is being investigating by HC Rameshwer Singh, I/O PS Dhalli

  4. An Accident case FIR No 94/14 is registered today i.e. on 14.08.2014 U/S 279,337 IPC on the statement of Sh. Chandel Sharma S/o Sh. Devi Saran R/o Village & PO- Sholi, Sub Tehsil- Nankhari, Distt- Shimla alleging therein that on 13.08.2014 at about 09.15 PM he was coming back to home from Khegasu in the vehicle Pick up No HP 06A-1869 after selling the apple. When they reached near Saraj Khnog, due to rash and negligent driving of the driver, above Pick-UP rolled down from the road. The case is being investigated by ASI Hari Singh I/C PP Nankhari

  5. An Accident case FIR No. 38/14 is registered at PS Nerwa today i.e. on 14.08.2014 U/S 279, 304(A) IPC on the statement of Nabab S/o Ahmed Hassan R/o Village- Dahapa Himmat nagar, PO & PS- Pilkwa, Tehsil- Dhaullana, Distt. Hapud UP alleging therein that, he was travelling from Rohru to Pillibhit (UP) in vehicle no. UK- 06 CA-1186 (Eicher) along with driver of the vehicle Sh. Phurkhan Ali S/o Intzaar Ali R/o 123 Dasauri, PS- Mundali, Distt Merut UP age 35 year and Rehan S/o Sh Khurshid Ahmed owner of apple boxes loaded in the vehicle. When they reached near Gumma, he and Rehan came out from the Truck to put the gutka, Driver Phurkan Ali could not maintain control and above Truck fell down 200 mtrs from the road into the Tons River. Driver Phurkan Ali died on the spot. The case is being investigated by ASI Kamlender Singh I/O PS Nerwa.

  6. A Murder Case FIR No.148/14 is registered at PS West today i.e. on 14-08-2014 U/S 302,147,148,149,120B 201 IPC that on 02-08-2014 she lodged a missing report of her son Mohinder Singh Kashyap at PP Jatog. On 05-08-2014 her son dead body recovered from Beaunt khad. On 13-08-2014 one person informed her that some persons have beaten Mohinder Singh on 30-07-2014 and thrown his dead body in the Beaunt Khad. The case is being investigated by Insp. Vikram Chauhan SHO PS West.

  7. An Attempt to Murder Case FIR No.149/14 has registered at PS West today i.e. on  14-08-2014 U/S 307 IPC that today at about 10-20 AM she went to HPU dispensary to gave the RD amount to Sh. Anil Kumar. When she came out from the gate of dispensary, suddenly Hari Dutt who is working as a clerk on contract basis in HP, pulled her from arm and misbehaved with her, She asked him about the misbehaved then he came in to anger and attacked on her breast, stomatch, arms & head with knife with the intention to kill her and run away from the spot. The case is being investigated by ASI Lal Singh I/C PP Summer Hill  

  8. During last 24 hours 132 vehicles were challaned by Shimla Police under M.V. Act. Total challan compound= 65 and fine realize= Rs. 20,300/-


  1. Accused Ramesh Thakur S/o Lt. Sh. Chet Ram R/o Village-  Sawag, PO- Kasumpti, Shimla A/p Conductor, HRTC Rorhu Division has been arrested in case FIR No. 146/14  Dt. 12.08.14 U/S 22-61-85 ND&PS Act PS West, on police remand upto 16.08.2014.

  2. Accused Hari Dutt S/O Sh. Nanak Chand R/O Radiana PO Subathu, Solan A/P clerk on contact basis Secrecy Branch HPU Age-30 Year has been arrested in Case FIR No.149/14 dated 14-08-2014 U/S 307 IPC PS West.








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