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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Crime Report on October 02, 2018

1.      A ND&PS Act : Case FIR No. 117/18 has baan regsistered at PS East on  01.10.18 U/S 21 ND&PS Act on the rukka of ASI Ashwani Kumar, I/C SIU Shimla alleging therein that on 01.10.2018 at about 06-30 PM, during patrolling alongwith staff, one person namely Anchit Justa S/o Sh. Yash Justa R/o Engine Ghar, Sanjauli, Shimla intercepted by them near Chudail Boudi above Himfed Petrol Pump Chhota Shimla and recovered one packet of LSD Stamp from his possession. The case is being investigated by Ashwani Kumar, I/C SIU Shimla.

2.      A Murder :Case FIR No. 198/18 has been registered at PS Theog on  01.10.2018 U/S 302 IPC PS Theog on the statement of Sh. Ram Lal S/o Sh. Kesar Singh R/o Village Bithudhar, PO Cheog, Tehsil Theog, Shimla stated therein that  he has a Nepali namely Ram Singh, who works in his land/field. In the morning of 01.10.2018 at about 07-00 AM, he alongwith his nepali Ram Singh went to Cheoli Nalah to connect the pipe line. When they were coming back and saw that one Nepali person was lying dead with blood stained injuries in the grassland at village Tehna. He doubts that some unknown person has killed him.

3.      A Mischief by fire: Case FIR No 112/18 has been registered at PS Chopal on  02.10.2018  U/S  435 IPC on the  statement of Durga Dass  R/o village Sadrona P/O Chopal Tehsil Chopal alleging therein that on dated 02.10.2018  an unknown person has set the fire in his car No HP 02A-0530. The case is being investigated by ASI Virender I/O PS Chopal.

4.      A Rioting :Case FIR No.37/18 has been registered at PS Kupvi on 02.10.2018 U/S 147,149, 506, 323 IPC on the complaint of Ratti Ram S/o Sh Bhinder Singh R/o village Mashrahan P/o Dhar Channa Tehsil Kupvi Distt Shimla alleging there in that today, 02.10.2018 Prakash, Ram lal and Naresh Sons of Sh Shankru Ram, Dinesh and Dhaju Sons of Dhansia all R/o of village Bhallu Tehsil Kupvi Distt Shimla beaten him bruatelly and threatened him with dire consequences.The case is being investigated by ASI Subhash I/o PS Kupvi.
5.      During last 24 hours 354 vehicles were challaned under Motor Vehicle Act, Compounded= 151 fine realized Rs. 63,600/- and 21 persons challaned under Smoking Act & fine collected Rs. 2,100/-.
1.       Accused i) Santosh S/o Sh. Roop Lal & ii) Anurag S/o Sh. Hira Singh (Both) R/o Village Lalen, PO Morang, Tehsil Morang, District Kinnuar, HP arrested in case FIR No. 107/18 Dt. 30.09.2018 U/S 20, 29 ND&PS Act at PS Kumarsain, are remanded in police custody upto 03.10.2018, by the Ld. Court.
2.        Accused Ganesh @ Bhundar S/o Sh. Dhanpat R/o Village, PO & Tehsil Kalanaur, District Rohtak, Haryana, age 30 years and Rahul Kumar @ Sardar S/o Sh. Raj Kumar R/o House No. 5194, Arroriean, State Chotibaradri, Tehsil & District Patiala, Punjab, age 28 years, arrested in case FIR No. 144/18 Dt. 29.09.2018 U/S 21 ND&PS Act at PS Rampur, are remanded in police custody upto 03.10.2018, by the Ld. Court.
3.        Accused i) Vinay Thakur S/o Sh. Sanjeev Thakur R/o Village Bayal, PO Koyal, Tehsil Nirmand, Kullu, age 22 years ii) Mayur Verma S/o SH. Suresh Kumar R/o Ward No.-5, Rampur Bsr. Shimla, age 29 years and iii) Sohan Lal S/o Sh. Ram Dayal R/o Village Kathanda PO Jadoli, Tehsil Niramnd, District Kullu, age 25 years, arrested in case FIR No. 146/14 Dt. 01.10.2018 U/S 21 ND&PS Act at PS Rampur, are on police custody up to 04.10.2018
4.        Accused Gopi ChandS/O Sh. Mohan Lal   R/O  Villa Lower phagli P.O  Chaura Maidan Teh & Distt Shimla HP Age 24 Year had been arrested  in Case FIR No. 277/18 Date  02.10.2018 U/S  379 IPC PS West Shimla on dated 02.10.2018 at 02.35 AMat ISBT Shimla  by ASI Amrender Singh  I/O PS West Distt. Shimla.

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