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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Crime Report On November 26, 2017.

1.   Punishment for voluntarily causing grievous hurt: Case FIR No. 96/17 has been regd. at PS Jhakri on dated 25.11.2017 U/S 325, 34 IPC on the statement of Sh. Suresh Kumar S/O Sh. Shobha Ram R/O village Majhwali Tehsil Rampur Distt. Shimla HP  alleged therein that on dated 24-11-2017, there was a marriage ceremony in the village. Two parson namely Suresh Kumar & Mahinder beat him with punches without any reason. In this incident he sustained grievous injuries in his nose according to the opinion of MO MGMSC Khaneri. Case is being investigated by HC Harbans Lal I/O PS Jhakri.
2.   A Wrongful Restraint : Case FIR No 143/17 has been registered at PS Rohru on 25/11/2017 U/S 341,323,506,427 IPC on the statement of Sh Dinesh Kumar S/O Lt Sh. Gopal Dass R/O Pujarli P.O Summerkot Teh Rohru Distt Shimla H.P, alleging therein that on 23/11/2017 when he was attending marriage of Mewa Lal daughter in his village, at about 10.30 PM after dinner when he returned back to his home, a person namely Pritam Singh S/O Lt, Sh, Chain Ram obstructed his way wrongfully and start beaten him with kicks and blows and broken the glass of his house. The case is being investigated by HC Amit Kumar I/O PS Rohru.
3.   An Accident : Case FIR NO. 217/17 has been registered at PS Theog on dated 25.11.17 U/S 279, 337 IPC on the statement of Sh. Mohinder Singh S/o Sh. Mohan Lal R/o VPO Nerwa, Shimla alleging therein that on dated 25.11.17 when he along with his friends namely Ranjeet, Dinesh & Rakesh Kumar was going to Nerwa from Shimla on vehicle NO. HP 08A-1961. When he reached Nr Nangal Devi the tyre of his above vehicle burst due to rash and negligent driving. The case is being investigated by ASI Jeet Ram I/O PS Theog.
4.   An Assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty : Case FIR No 198/17 has been registered  on dated 25/11/17 U/S 353,332,34 IPC on the statement of Sh Labh Singh /O Sh Het Ram Village Dhanyari PO Gumanu Tehsil Sadar Distt Mandi HP A/P Driver HRTC Depot Rampur Bsr alleging therein that on dated 25/11/17 at about 5.45 PM when he reached old bus stand Rampur one car collided with his bus while reversing  it. After that he reached at New Bus Stand Rampur  at where above car owner Mukesh Kumar R/O Majhali  along with Sunny R/O Dansa  also came there and started beaten him with Kicks and blows. Above both persons has beaten him while he was discharging his officials duties. Case has been registered and is being investigated by HC Janak Raj I/O PP City Rampur Bsr.
5.   An Accident : Case FIR No 199/17 has been registred  on dated 26/11/17 U/S 279,337 IPC 187 MV Act on the Statement of Prem Singh Chauhan S/O Janki Dass VPO Nirth Tehsil Rampur Bsr Distt Shimla HP alleging therein that on dated  25/11/17 at about  9.30 PM when he reached Nirath bus stop  two persons namely Shamsher sigh S/O Sh Shyam Singh Village & PO Majholi Rampur & Pritam Chauhan S/O SH Ram Dyal R/O Khonog Sholi Rampur was lying on the road in injured conditions .On inquiry it has been found that Vehicle No HP02A-0202 which was driven by Rajesh Kumar S/O Sh Durga Ram Village & PO Parnoo Arki, Distt Solan has hit them. This accident occurred due to rash and negligent driving of the Driver  Rajesh Kumar. The Case is being investigated by HC Garib Dass I/O PS Rampur Bsr.
6.   During last 24 hours 276 vehicles were challaned under MV Act, Compounded= 144  fine realized  Rs. 54,800/- and 40 persons challaned under Smoking Act & fine collected Rs. 4100/-.
1.    Accused i) Sunil Kumar S/o Sh. Pratap Singh R/o Village Tolag PO Kamla Nagar Tehsil & Distt. Shimla, age 25 years and ii) Naveen Verma S/o Sh. Madan Lal Verma R/o Village Kalhali PO Maluthi Tehsil & Distt. Shimla, age 25 years, arrested in case FIR No. 172/17 Dt. 22.11.2017 U/S 21,22-61-85 ND&PS Act PS Dhalli, today remanded in judicial custody by the Ld. Court.
2.    Accused i) Brij Lal S/o Sh. Jaan Pur  R/o Village Thana  PO Mandal Tehsil & PS Jubbal  Distt.  Shimla,  age 26 years and ii) Rajinder Singh S/o  Sh. Jaanpur  R/o Village Thana  PO Mandal Tehsil & PS Jubbal  Distt.  Shimla  age 25 years arrested today in case FIR No 77/17 Dt. 21.11.2017 U/S 457,380,379 IPC PS Jubbal, today remanded in judicial custody upto 07.12.2017, by the Ld. Court.

3.    Accused i) Vikarant S/o Sh. Pratap Singh Chauhan R/o Village Dharai PO Deem Tehsil Jubbal  and ii) Manoj Kumar S/O Sh. Lal Singh R/o Nepal A/P C/O Papu Majta R/o Hari Mandir PO & Tehsil Jubbal, Shimla arrested in Case FIR NO. 78/17 dated 25.11.2017 U/S 21,22-61-85 ND &PS Act PS Jubbal and are in police custody.  

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