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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Crime Report on October 19.2017

Case FIR No. 53/17 Dt. 18.10.17 U/S 20-61-85 ND&PS Act PS Chopal has been registered on the rukka of SI Kamlesh Kumar, SHO PS Chopal alleging therein that during traffic checking alongwith staff at Lani, he recovered 87 gram Charas from the possession of  Ravinder Singh Papta S/o Sh. Khajan Singh Papta R/o Village Lani PO Bamta, Tehsil Chopal. The case is being investigated by SI/SHO Kamlesh Kumar PS Chopal.

Case FIR No 83/17 Dt 18.10.17 U/S 304, 341, 147,149,323,427,504 IPC PS Chirgaon has been registered on the statement of Sh. Yashwant S/O ShUrjan Singh R/O Saribasa PO Devidhar Tehsil Chirgaon Distt Shimla alleging therein that he is driver in Tempo No HP-64-5549 with cleaner Kaku. On 17.10.17 both has gone towards Chirgaon to Rohal in above Tempo. At about 9-30 PM when they reached near Bakora Kanchi, at the same tiem Jagdish alongwith 5 another persons came in Bolero Camper and obstructed their way by stopped his vehicle in front of his vechile. They all started to beaten them bruatally and also broken the front glass of his Tempo. As his cleaner Kaku run away from the spot to escape himself, he fell down and died on the spot.
Case FIR No.120/17 Dated 18.10.17 U/S 39(1)(A) HP Excise Act. Has been registered on the Rukka of ASI Vishesh Kumar I/C PP City Rohru, alleging therein that on 18.10.17 at about 01:30AM, during patrolling alongwith staff one person namely Hoshiyar Singh S/O Sh. Inder Singh R/O Sargali PO Kansakoti Tehsil Rohru Distt Shimla comes in a logan Verta Car No. HP10A-6665 from Smala side to Rohru, during search in his car total 5 boxes of illicite English liquor marka officer choice and officer choice blue recovered from his vehicle. The case is being investigated by ASI Vishesh Kumar I/C PP City Rohru.
Case FIR No.52/17 Dated 18.10.17 U/S 39(1)(a) HP Excise Act. Has been registered on the ruka of SI/SHO Kamlesh Kumar PS Chopal  that liquor required from the possession of Ramesh Chand S/O Sh. Kali Ram R/O Vill. Bhabar PO Bamta Tehsil Chopal. Case is being investigated by SI/SHO Kamlesh Kumar PS Chopal.
A case FIR No 109/17 dated 18-10-2017 U/S 342,323,34 IPC PS Kumarsain has been registered on the  Written Application of Deep Kumar S/o Sh Kanshi Ram R/o Vill Raghar PO Mahog Tehsil Karsog Distt Mandi That He is the owner of Pick Up Bearing No HP-30-4038Bolero & self driving his vehicle . Previous Midnight at About 2-30 AM Morning his vehicle got defected near Kingal he reached the kingal for mechanic . He along with mechanic went the spot and correct his vehicle and drive the vehicle for testing but when the Machenic reached a ahead mood the vehicle again found defected and cross of the vehicle damaged .Thereafter mechanic drive the vehicle from his garage and When the Owner reached the Garage Three other’s Mechanic Met their and Locked him into the room and beaten him with kicks and punches and got sustained injuries. Case is being investigated By HC Sushil Kumar I/O P.S Kumarsain Please.
A Gambling Case FIR No.  121/17 Dtd 18/10/2017 U/S 13-3-67 Ps Rohru,  has been registered In This  PS today  on the rukka of HC Ashish Kumar No 58 I/O PS Rohru alleging therein that today on 18.10.2017, during patrolling alongwith staff Six persons namely Radha Krishan,Negi Ram, Bhim Singh, Balbir , Resham , Raju apprehended by them during playing gambling in public place at Shikdu Khadd  Khhatal Near Samala Stadium and recovered Rs. 7450/- from the spot. The case is being investigated by HC Ashish Kumar No 58 I/O PS Rohru.
Case FIR No. 201/17 Dated 18.10.17 U/S  39 H.P. Excise Act. PS West has been registered on the complaint of kamal Raj S/O Kirpa  Ram R/O V.P.O. Tattapani The. Karsog District Mandi that he is working as team head in the static servilance team. When he was checking the vehicles in the 16 miles  A vehicle No. HP14-B -0207 is coming from Bilaspur to Shimla then 12 Boxes of Country Liquor and 2 Bottles in gift pack has been recovered from the Vonod Kumar S/O Roop Singh  R/O District Una and the other Nand Lal S/O Bhaag Singyh R/O district Solan. The case has been investitgated by the IO ASI Suresh Kumar PS West Shimla.  
CASE FIR NO. 192/17 DATED 19-10-2017 U/S 279, 337 IPC PS Theog  has been registered on the complaint of Gian Singh S/O Lakshmi Singh R/O jugher P.O. Panoli Tehsil Theog District Shimla that on dated 18.10.2017 he was coming from the Miohali (PB) in Pick Up HP09A3411  for buying Engine of JCB machine  the driver Raju GuptaS/O Narayan Singh  R/O Premghat Theog was driving the vehiclwe vary rashly due to this the  accident with vehicle No. HP 09A 2402 has get damaged badly  hence the case has been investigated b the IO HC. Sudesh Kumar No. 28 PS Theog.   
During the last 24 hrs.224 vehicles has been challaned under MV Act and fine of Rs.11947/-     And 18   persons has been challaned under Smoking Act and fine of Rs.1800/-

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