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Friday, October 20, 2017

Crime Report Oct. 20

An Accident  case FIR No. 192/17 dated 19.10.2017 U/S 273,337 IPC registered  at PS Theog on the statement of  Gyan Singh S / O Sh. Lakshmi singh Village  panoli post office Satog ,Tehsil  Theog district Shimla  Pik up No HP09A-3411. Raju Gupta s / o Satya Narayan R / O Ward No 2 When Mohali went to Premaghat to Theog, then from there it was around 7.00 am to repair the JCB engine for repairing the engine of the vehicle in the above vehicle, when these people were getting late from 1.10-1.15 pm to 19-10 When the driver reached the -17, the driver of the pick-up, Raju Gupta was driving his car, which he asked to slow down, but he did not slow down the car and he overturned the car on the middle road, roadside parked car not. HP09A-2402 has also suffered a lot, it has happened due to the rash of driver driver Raju Gupta, due to negligence and lack of control over the vehicle. The case is being investigated by HC Sudesh Kumar No 28 PS Theog.  
A case FIR No. 193/17 dated 19.10.2017 U/S 451,323,427,34 IPC registered at PS Theog on the complaint of Shrimati Raj Sharma, daughter of Shree Ram Chand, resident of Shamla Fancy Store Shali, the District Shimla R / O ,C / O Sharma Fancy Store Shali Bazaar, Thog, District Shimla, that it stores Sharma's name as a fancy store. But its son Rajan Sharma also works. At around 7 pm, this and his son were selling the goods to the customers at the shop and the customer was a woman and a girl whose names do not know or recognize. Meanwhile, 8-10 boys were standing outside the shop, Ajay Kumar told his boy that when he came out of his house, he refused to leave his boy Rajan, then two boys Ajay Kumar and Sunil Kumar came inside the shop and his boys Rajan When he started beating, he defended the middle and started explaining the two, but both of them also beat them with a punch and drank alcohol. Both of them have been beaten in both hands, right leg and chest with their knees, and their son has not suffered any external injuries. The scum of these two pieces is counter-clockwise, and the goods have also been damaged. However, the boys who were with them, escaped from the outside during the quarrel. On the occasion, people of the market were also impressed by Lakki Thakur and Gaurav Joshi, who had come on the occasion, I and my son Rajan stopped these two in the shop and called the police. On which the above mentioned prosecution was registered. The case is being investigated by ASI Vijay Ram I/O PS Theog.
 Wrongfuly restrain  a case FIR No. 16/17 dated 19/10/2017 u/s 341,323,34 ipc has been registeredat PS Nankhari  the writen complaint of kaku s/o bhagat ram r/o koferdhar po jahoo tehsil nankhari district shimla hp aleging therein that yesterday on 19/10/2017 at about 07.30 pm when he was coming back in his veh. No.hp15a-0728 towards pandadhar from kotla, a pickup no.hp06-6557 came from pandadhar side and at place khatlu nala above pickup hit his veh.from back side, at this two unknown persons get down form the above pickup and obstruct his path/direction wrongfully and beaten him brutaly, which he sustained injures.the case is being investigated by HC  Devinder nath No.153.
A case FIR No 123/17 dated 20.10.17 U/S 302,323,34 IPC has been registeredat PS Kotkhai on the statement of Sh. Ramesh Chand S/O Sh, Faud Bahadur R/O no tears P.O Tatke Oda No.1,PS tharmare  Disst. Sakyan anchal Rantu Nepal he stated that last year he came from Nepal with family he has 9 months female kid he works at orchard of Arun Vill Matlu . yesterday on the occasion of Diwali he started burn crackers at about 10.30/11 pm then Tek bahadur started stop him and say to use creckers in jungle  and he denied to do so and Tek  bahadur started beating with stick. Tek  bahadur blow stick to his wife and his kid and he inform his owner Arun and rushed to CHC Kotkhai declared his kid dead. The case is being investigated by ASI Roshan Lal I/O PS Kotkhai.

During last 24 hours 68 vehicle were challened under MV Act, compounded 32  & fine realized Rs 84,00/- and 8  persons     challaned under Smoking Act and fine collected Rs. 800/-.

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