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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


1.       An Accident Case FIR No 119/13 is registered at PS Kumarsain on 19.11.13 U/S 279, 337 IPC on the  Rukka  of  LHC Sita No 100 I/O of PS Kumarsain, alleging  therein that  one  Nano Car No HP06A -4356 met with an accident Near Janjeli and  fell down about 300 mtrs from the road  This  accident took place due rash and negligent driving by the Lalit Sarma driver of Nano Car . The Case is being investigated by LHC Sita I/O PS Kumarsain.

2.       A Theft Case FIR No.190/13 is registered at PS Dhalli on 18.11.13 U/S 379 IPC on the complaint of Sh. Ghanshyam S/o Late Sh. Balak Ram R/o VPO Mairamsit  Teh Sadar  Distt Mandi HP ,alleging therein that  his brother Vinod has purchased a tractor in the year 2004. He has taken contract from reliance company and was working with this tractor and compressor on Navbahar road from last 15 days. On 16.11.13 he parked his Tractor No. HP31B-9327 blue in Colour bearing Engine No. 3097F32E30110 and  Chasis  No. 0305ZJ30003 and went to his quarter. On 17.11.13 he found his tractor stolen from its parked place at Navbahar near Sanjauli. The Case is being investigated by HC Lekh Ram I/O PP Sanjauli, Distt Shimla.

3.       A  House Trespass  Case FIR No. 228/13 is registered at PS West on19.11.13 U/S 452,323,34 IPC, on the report of Bhagat Ram Thakur S/o  Sh. Tej Thakur  R/o Vill Tepra P.O. Nabgaon Tehsil Arki Distt. Solan A/P Sharma Niwas Co-operative  Bank Shimla, alleging therein that on the last intervening night some boys named Ravesh Jonta, Anoop Kumar with friends creating nuisance and abusing very near to his room.When  at  4 AM their nuisance increased he came out side and said them for stop this nuisance but they misbehaved with them after that he back to his room . After 10 minutes  Ravesh Jonta , Anoop Kumar with friends came his room and  kicked on door and beating him and also gave threatened to death . In this Activity he got Injuries. The Case is being investigated by HC Suresh Kumar I/O PP S/Hill

4.       An  Accident  Case FIR No 229/13 is registered at  PS West on 19.11.13 U/S 279,337 IPC  on the statement  of Dima Ram S/o Sh Tek Ram R/o Vill Tuman P.O. Gwalpur Tehsil Karsog Distt. Mandi,  alleging  therein that on 19.11.13 at 6:45 AM  when he coming  from Solan to Tara Devi with his Truck No HP-63B-0139 driving himself. When he reached Shoghi onward One Bolero white Colour  No HP51(T) -8758 came very rashly and wrong side he Stopped his vehicle but the driver of Bolero did not stop his vehicle and hit  the truck . In this Accident Bolero driver got injuries. The Injured Person refer to IGMC for remedy he did not know the name of Bolero driver. The  Case is being investigated by HC Anil Kumar  I/O PS West  Shimla.

5.       A Rioting Case FIR No. 57/13 is registered at PS  New Shimla on 18.11.13 U/S 147,149, 341,323,504 IPC on the complaint of Yajur Thakur S/o Late Sh. Upender Singh Thakur R/o Thakur Villa Panthaghati Near Bhatiya Bhawan Panthghati Shimla, alleging therein that  on       18.11.13 at about 3.30 PM  when he was coming from tuition to home one boy namely Rakshit who studied in +2 DAV New Shimla Wrongful Restraint  his way with his friends and abused him and beaten him. This case is being  investigated by PSI Rajneesh Thakur I/O PS New  Shimla.

6.       A Rioting  Case  FIR No. 58/13 is registered at PS  New Shimla on 18.11.13 U/S 147,149, 341,323,504 IPC is registered at P.S New Shimla on the DDR NO.31 AT 18.35 PM on the complaint of Himanshu  S/o Sh. Sanjay kumar R/o Aayush Niwas Sector-3 New Shimla, alleging therein that  on 18.11.13  when he was coming from tuition Sector-2 to home at near the stairs of sector-2, Shubham Wrongful Restraint his way with his friends and beaten him. This case is being investigated by HC Inder Singh I/O PS New Shimla.

7.       A  Excise Act Case FIR No 160/13 is registered  at  PS  Theog on 18.11.13 U/S  39 of HP Excise Act on the rukka  of ASI  Joginder Singh  I/O PS Theog , alleging therein that on 18.11.13 when he was on nakka   alongwith staff, during naka at about  07.30 PM  near Kainchi Mod Chailla a vehicle No.HP 62-2298  Pikup came towards to Sainj when checked  the above vehicle recovered liquor  Desi  Marka Sirmour  Orange 54 boxes without permit. The Case is being  investigated by ASI Joginder Singh  I/O PS Theog.

8.       A Wrongful Restraint Case FIR No. 161/13 is registered at PS Theog on 19.11.13 U/S 341,323,34 IPC  on the complaint of  Sh Narender  Kumar  S/o  Late Sh. Dharam Singh Vill Chondal PO Vag Jubbad  Tehsil Theog  Distt Shimla, alleging  therein that  on 18.11.13 he was going  vill. Sarivan to attend  the marriage and came back to his home seated on the Mahender's pick up when he reached Mehog Nala and going towards his home at that time Nand Lal , Ami Chand, Tara Chand obstructed his path and beaten him. The case is being investigated by ASI Bhagat Ram  I/C PP Matiyana.

9.       During last 24 hours 206 vehicles were challaned by Shimla Police under MV Act, 09 persons were challenged under Smoking Act.. The total amount of Compounding fee of challans is Rs. 30,800/-.

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