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Sunday, November 17, 2013


1.    A Excise Act  Case FIR No.222/13 is registered at PS Sadar Shimla on 17.11.13 U/S 39 H.P Excise Act  on the Rukka of ASI Nag Dev I/O P.S Sadar Shimla alleging  therein that during patrolling duty ASI Nag Dev alongwith staff recovered 48 bottles country liquor marka Darling from the possession of Joginder Kumar S/o Late Sh Gulab Singh R/o Vill. Kumhali PO Kyar Koti Tehsil & Distt Shimla at bifurcation road near Chari . The Case is being investigated by ASI Nag Dev I/O P.S Sadar Simla

2.    A Wrongful Restraint Case FIR No.189/13 is registered at PS Dhalli on 17.11.13 U/S 341,323 IPC on the complaint of Kumari Reeta D/o Sh. Ishwar Dutt. R/o Bathora P.O Pandoha Tehsil Sunni Distt. Shimla, alleging  therein that on 16.11.2013 Kumari Reeta alongwith her brother Sanjay Kumar was coming back from School to home when they reached near Ogli about 3.15 PM. One boy namely Sonu came to there and obstructed their way and asked them that who is Sanju. Yamini replied that he is Sanjay. Suddenly Sonu slapped Sanjay 2/3 time when Reeta trying to escape Sanjay, Sonu also attacked on her and bite her arm, after that they went to home and told about incident to his father. The Case is being investigated by ASI Vijay Kumar I/C P.P Suni PS Dhalli.

3.   A Wrongful Restraint Case FIR No 176/13 is registered at PS  Rampur  on 17.11.13 U/S 341,323 IPC on the statement of Rajeev Kumar S/o Chuchu Ram R/o Khanewali PO Dev Nagar Tehsil Rampur Distt Shimla at present Constable PP Sarahan temp. deployed Law and order duty for Lavi Fair Rampur, alleging therein that  on 16.11.13 when he was coming towards Rampur from Lavi Mela Ground Partbangla. At about 11 PM Parveen Kumar and Bittu VPO Sarla Parog obstruct his way in front of Atma Ram Dhaba and beaten him, He sustained injuries during this incident. The Case is being investigated by  HC Lal Chand I/O PP City Rampur.

4.   A Theft Case FIR No 227/13 is registered at PS West 16.11.13 U/S 379,323 IPC on the complaint of Sh. Parmod Kumar Forest Guard Beat Kaljoon, alleging therein that on 16-11-13 he alongwith Gian Sharma R/o Shildu were on Patrolling at Khariad Panesh Beat where they saw Barbed Wire Stolen From Planted Area. At distance a person named Ram Dass S/o Punu Ram R/o Sulli. They stopped the above person what he was carrying in the bag. He pushed him and threw the bag on him and ran away.On Checking of Bag 15 K.G. Barbed Wire found which were stolen from Barbed Area.In this  incident Gian Chand sustained injuries.. The case is being investigated by SI  Harish Kumar  I/C PP Jutogh.

5.  During last 24 hours 138 vehicles were challaned by Shimla Police under M V Act, 02 challaned under Mining Act and 04 persons were challaned under  COTPA  (Cigarette & Other Tobacco Act 2005). The total amount of Compounding fee of  challans under MV, & COPTA Act is Rs. 17,100/

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