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Thursday, September 5, 2013


1. A THEFT   Case  FIR No.147/13  is registered at PS Dhalli on 05.09.13 U/S 379,411 IPC   on  the rukka  ASI Vijay Kuamr I/C PP Suni , alleging therein that  on 04.09.13 at  about 3 .PM  when he was on  patrolling longwith staff towards Mondolghat, Juni, Jamog and Anu etc.  information received from  force that  Jitender Kumar  S/ O SH. Nokh Ram  R/O Village  Upper  Ratiya  P.O Juni  Tehsil Suni Distt Shimla  as  kept  illegal  Cement   bag of Govt. Supply in  his home . A  raiding Party  was prepared  and  house of Devender Kumar  was raided  and  recovered  10 Bag Cement Ambuja   of Govt Supply , which was  taken  into procession. The  case is being investigated by ASI Vijay Kumar  I/C PP Suni .

2.   A CHEATING   Case  FIR No 116 /13 is registered at PS Theog  on 04.09.13 U/S 420,120 B  IPC   on  the complaint of  Rohit S/o  Sh. Vinod Kumar R/o  Arthi P.O. Kirti  Teh.  Kumasain Distt. Shimla, alleging therein that  Harvinder Singh S/o  Sh. Jagmohan Thakur R/o  A/P  Mohan  Niwas Village  Frood  Lower Cemetery Sanjauli Shimla-6 and Sandeep Singh R/O  Kanwar  Niwas Deoli  Colony  Churat link road Bhatakufar  Shimla -6  cheated him and taken 1,23,600/- dishonest in the name of job in merchant navy. The   Case is being  investigated by  ASI  Kamal  Nain  I/C  PP Fagu.

3.    A CHEATING   Case  FIR  No. 117 /13 is registered  at PS Theog on 04.09.13  U/S 420,120 B  IPC on  the complaint of Deepak  S/o  Sh. Kanshi Ram  R/o   VPO  Bari Teh. Nichar  Distt Kinnour, alleging  therein that  Harvinder Singh  S/o  Jag Mohan Thakur  R/o A/P Mohan Niwas  Vill. Frood  Lower Cemetery Sanjauli Shimla-6 and Sandeep Singh R/o Kanwar Niwas  Deoli Colony  Churat link road Bhatakufar Shimla -6 cheated him and taken 1,23,800/- dishonest in the name of job in merchant navy. The Case is being  investigated by  ASI  Kamal  Nain  I/C PP Fagu.

4.  A THEFT  Case FIR No.176/13  is registered at PS West on 04.09.13 U/S 379 on the complaint  of Sh. Vinod Kumar Guleria S/o Sh  Satish Kumar Guleria R/o Summer Cottage  near Shiv Mandir Middle  Sangti , alleging therein that a motor Cycle No.  HP03C-2183 Bajaj XCD  125 CC.  parked at HP University Complex .  On  04.09.13 he was  going  to Market  when he reached  at  University Complex  his Motor Cycle  not   found  there .  Some Unknown person has  theft  his Motor Cycle. The  Case  is being  investigated by  HC Suresh Kumar I/O PP  Summerhill.

5.  AN ACCIDENT Case  FIR No 143/13 is registered at  PS Rampur  on 04.09.13 U/S 279 IPC  on the statement of Karan Kumar S/o Sh Ram Rapti Anchal Nepal at present driver  Mehta Stone Crasher Pashada, alleging therein that  on 04.09.13 he was driven vehicle No HP06-2117 and went from Rampur to Pashada. At about 8.30 PM when he reached Shiv Shakti Crasher near Pashada one vehicle No HP 06A-0496 Bolera Camper caming from Jhakari to Rampur and met an accident in his vehicle. In this accident no person are injured.  The Case is being  investigated by HC Janak Raj No 64 I/O PS Rampur Bsr

6.  During last 24 hours 210 vehicles were challaned by Shimla Police under MV Act  & 02  persons were challaned under COTPA (Cigarette & Other Tobacco Act 2005 ). The total amount of Compounding fee of challans under MV Act & COTPA is Rs. 42,200/-.

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