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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Crime Report On May 21, 2017.

1.    AN ACCIDENT : Case FIR No. 76/17 has been registerd at PS  Sadar on 20.05.2017 U/S 279,337 IPC & 187 MV Act on the statement of Sh. Inder Singh S/o sh. S.R. Thakur R/o Vill. Pagog, PO AG Shimla, Tehsil & District Shimla, HP alleging therein that on 20.05.2017 at 9.00 PM he parked his vehicle Pickup NO. HP62-4848 Near Cart Road, on the same time an HRTC Bus NO. HP03d-6170 hit his above vehicle and driver alongwith bus run away towards Dhalli. In this accident he sustained injuries.  The case is being investigated by HC Raj Pal I/O PP Lakkar Bazar.

2.    AN EXCISE ACT: Case FIR No. 91/17 has been registered at PS Theog on 20.05.2017 U/S 39(1)A  HP Excise Act on the rukka of ASI Purshotam, I/C PP Chhaila stated therein that on 20.05.2017, during patrolling alongwith staff he recovered 10 Bottles of Country liquor marka Himachal Orange from the possession of Jeet Ram who runs Dhaba at Bagain, Tehsil Theog, Distt Shimla, HP. The case is being investigated by ASI Purshotam, I/C PP Chhaila , PS Theog.

3.    A RIOTING: Case FIR No. 79/17 has been registered at PS Shimla West on 20.05.2017 U/S 147, 148, 149, 323, 324, 307 IPC has been registered on the statement of Sh. Deepak Thakur S/o Sh. Ranvir Singh Thakur R/o Village Nalsukh, PO Bagli, Tehsil Dehra, Distt Kangra, HP alleging therein that on 20.05.2017 at about 05.00 PM, when he alongwith his friends Suresh Pwar, Rohit Sharma and Susheel Sharma was at Summerhill Chowk, at the same time 20/25  activists of SFI organization attacked on them with stone. On this he run towards Railway bridge where Rohit attacked on his head with knife and Rohit, Chanderkant, Suresh Kumar, Jiwan Singh, Amrish Pal, Pankaj Verma, Sandeep Kumar, Rouni, Jyoti Prakash, Ram Pal, Gurjeet, Batan Singh, Sanjay Kumar, Vivek Rana, Saurabh koudal, Prem Singh, Hem Raj, Rocky, & Ravinder Chandel also attacken on him with the intention to kill him. The case is being investigated by ASI Ashwani Kumar, I/O PS West, Shimla.         

4.    During last 24 hours 242 vehicles were challaned under MV Act, compounded = 143 & fine realized Rs. 55,200/-, 35 persons challaned under Smoking Act & fine collected Rs. 3500/-.


1.   Accused Daulat Singh S/o Sh. Khan Singh R/o Rukna Kasam, PO Amir Kothi, PO Amirkothi, Tehsil Gurdarsaye, Distt. Firozpur, Punjab ii) Harnek Singh S/o Sh. Mehar Singh R/o Jamarakhiya Hittal, PO Khunder Uttar, PS Mamdot, Tehsil & Distt. Firozpur, Punjab, arrested in case FIR No. 76/17 Dt. 19.05.2017 U/S 420, 489B, 489C, 34 IPC at PS Shimla West, are remanded in police custody upto 26.05.2017, by the Ld. Court.

2.   Accused Vishavbandu S/o Sh. Tej Ram R/o Village Dhadvahan, PO Nerchok, Tehsil & PS Balh, Distt. Mandi, Age 26 years, ii) Pradeep Sharma S/o Sh. Krishan Dutt R/o Village Bairi, PO Brang, Tehsil & PS Sarkaghat, Distt. Mandi, Age 25 years, iii) Bhavan Kumar S/o Sh. Gorakhu Ram R/o Village Swar, PO Sil Badhani, Tehsil Padhar, Distt. Mandi, age 24 years, iv) Nek Raj S/o Sh. Hem Raj R/o Village Drobar, PO Kirri, Tehsil & PS Chamba, Age 23 years v) Vishal Verma S/o Sh. Shamsher Singh R/o Village Lakhru, PO Jsana, Bangna, Distt. Una, Age 22 years, vi)  Nishant S/o SH. Ami Chand R/o Village Kaljar, PO Matiana, Tehsil Theog, Distt. Shimla, age 22 years, vii)  Manmohan S/o Sh. Narender Pal R/o Village Ropa Thathar, PO Bhamla, Tehsil Sarkaghat, Distt. Mandi, Age 21 years, viii) Naveen Kumar S/o Sh. Kanthi Ram R/o Village Gaihal, PO Haripurdhar, Tehsil Sangrah, Distt. Sirmaur, Age 23 years, ix) Yog Raj S/o Sh. Paineram R/o Village Noh, PO Ghat, Tehsil Balichoki, Distt. Mandi, Age 23 years, x) Ashwani Kumar S/o Sh. Desh Raj R/o Village Padhar, PO Linga, Tehsil Salooni, Distt. Chamba, Age 22 years, xi)  Nikhil Thakur @ Hunny S/o Sh. Shiv Singh R/o Village Ridka, PO Chaura Maidan, Tehsil & Distt. Shimla, age 23 years and xii) Pradeep Sharma S/o Sh. Bhagat Ram R/o Sharma Niwas, Kachighati, Distt. Shimla, age 23 years arrested in  Case FIR No. 77/17 Dt. 20.05.2017 U/S 147, 148, 149, 323, 506, 307 IPC & 3 of PDPP Act at PS Shimla West, are remanded in police custody till 22.05.2017 by the Ld Court.   

3.   Accused Kapil S/o Lt. Sh. Dasu Ram R/o VPO Tatiayna, Tehsil Ponta Sahib, Sirmour, HP, Age 25 years. ii) Rouni Pur S/o Sh. Bal Krishan R/o Bhalun, PO Sungri, Tehsil Rohru, Shimla, Age 25 years. iii) Roucky S/o Sh. Jasbir Singh R/o Vill. Dhar Bharenji, PO Jehar, Tehsil Sarahan, Sirmour, HP, Age 24 years. iv) Sanjeev Kumar S/o Sh. Lal Chand R/o VPO Panyali, Tehsil Nadaun, Hamirpur, Age 25 years. v) Anil Kumar S/o Sh. Dur Singh R/o Vill. Sajaiv, PO Khunachi, Tehsil Thunag, Distt Mandi, HP, Age 22 years. vi) Ram Pal S/o Sh. Ramesh Chand R/o Vill. Sarmana, PO Diyat, Tehsil Baijnath, Kangra, Age 23 years.vii) Pankaj Verma S/o Sh. Mahender Singh R/o VPO Sarog, Tehsil Theog, Shimla, Age 24 years. viii) Jyoti Prakash S/o Sh. Kedar Singh R/o Vill. Kalyanju, PO Rohmani, Tehsil Thunag, Mandi, Age 24 years. ix) Hem Raj S/o Sh. Loki Chand R/o Vill. Jahala, PO Tayola, Tehsil Churah, Chamba, Age 25 years. x) Sanjay Kumar S/o Sh. Gian Chand R/o VPO Khunachi, Tehsil Thunag, Mandi, Age 23 years. xi) Amrish Pal Kamal S/o Sh. Rattan Singh Kamal R/o VPO Charna, Tehsil Sangrah, Sirmour, Shimla. Age 22 years. xii) Saurabh Kondal S/o Sh. Suresh Kumar R/o VPO Kaler, Tehsil Nagrota Bagwan, Kangra, Age 22 years. xiii) Gurmeet Bhardwaj S/o Sh. Ramesh Kumar R/o Vill. Bhalendra, PO Bhararu, Tehsil Joginder Nagar, Mandi, Age 24 years. xiv) Ravinder Chandel S/o Sh. Birbal Singh R/o Pipal, Darwad, Sarkaghat, Mandi, Age 25 years. xv) Vatan Singh S/o Sh. Daleep Singh R/o Vill. Sarvi, PO Utap, Barsar, Hamirpur, Age 30 years. xvi) Rohit Kumar S/o Sh. Sudesh Kumar R/o Vill. Panther, PO Girtholi, Baijnath, Kangra, Age 27 years. xvii) Prem Singh S/o Sh. Ved Ram R/o Vill. Hansu, PO Panarsa, Mandi, Age 27 years. xviii) Chander Kant S/o Sh. Hans Raj R/o Vill. Chatinal, PO Chhatri, Gohar, Mandi, Age 26 years. xix) Vivek Rana S/o Lt. Sh. Mehar Singh VPO Kunahan, Jaisinghpur, Kangra, Age 28 years. xx) Jiwan Singh S/o Sh. Narayan Singh R/o Vill. Bhamala, PO Syanj-Bagra, Karsog, Mandi, Age 25 years. xxi) Suresh Sarwal S/o Sh. Mohan Singh R/o VPO Nohli, Tehsil Joginder Nagar, Mandi, Age 28 years arrested in  Case FIR No. 79/17 Dt. 20.05.2017 U/S 147, 148, 149, 323, 324, 307 IPC at PS Shimla West, are being produced before Ld. Court, today.  

4.   Accused Pankaj Kumar S/O Sh. Ravi Kumar R/O VPO Kakar P.O. Tauni Devi P.S. Sujanpur Distt Hamirpur H.P.  has been arrested in Case FIR No. 78/17 Dated 20.05.2017 U/S 363,366  IPC on dated 20.05.2017 at 11.40 PM  is being produced before Ld. Court, today.  

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