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Sunday, December 8, 2013


  1. An Excise Act Case FIR No 228/13 is registered at  PS  Sadar Shimla on 07.12.13 U/S 39 HP Excise Act  on the Rukka of HC  Ravinder choudhary  I/O P.S Sadar Shimla alleging therein that while  he alongwith  his  Staff patrolling at  Krishna Nagar Near Luv Kush Chowk   and  he  caught  one  Sohan Lal S/o Sh. Fakeer Chand  R/o 124 Sunder Building 123 Near Luv Kush Chowk Krishna Nagar Shimla  and  recovered 12 bottles country liquor marka Suroor from the possession. The Case is being Investigated by  HC  Ravinder Choudhary  I/O P.S Sadar Shimla .

  2. An Accident  Case  FIR No. 173/13 is registered at PS Theog on 07.12.13 U/S 279,304A IPC on the statement Kanwar Sita Ram S/o Kewal Ram R/o Boad  P.O Basadhar Teh Theog Distt.Shimla, alleging therein that  07.12.13 at 01.40 PM  he was working in his garden he heard some sound when he went  on the spot he saw a Maruti Car No HP09C-1978 fall down 25/30 mts from the road two person namely Inder Singh and driver  Bittu  sit in  this car . Inder Singh died in this accident and Bittu got injuries. This accident due to rash and negligent driving of driver. The  Case   is being investigated by ASI  Sunil  Kumar I/O PS Theog.

  3. An Accident  Case FIR  No. 174/13 is registered at PS  Theog  on 07.12.13 U/S 279,337 IPC and 187 MV Act on the application of Rakesh  S/o Rai Singh  R/o Devthi P.O. Sari  Teh. Chopal Distt Shimla, alleging therein that  on  07.12.13 at 08.05 PM he stood at Prem Ghat chowk alongwiht his father and brother that unknown pick-up came toward Rampur side rash and negligent and roll down his father  left leg  and run away from the spot towards Chailla side. The  Case  is being  investigated by HC Ramesh  Chand  I/O PS  Theog.

  4. An Accident Case FIR No. 251/13  is registered at  PS  West Shimla  on 07.12.13 U/S 279,304-A IPC on the  the  rukka of  HC Ravinder Kumar  I/O PS west , alleging  therein that on the promissory note was filed on 12/07/13 Mr. Satish Kumar reported today confirms this situation  village  Bhag he  reached the village stage near about 200 meters down the road from where the machine on which JCB was fall down. A person's  dead body had kept up  on the spot , destruction to destroy the forehead , head , neck and body parts and clothes in the blood & injuries was also. Driver Chander Kumar was working this morning, lonely road cutting . The Case is being investigated by  HC Ravinder  Kuamr  I/O PS west Shimla .

  5. An Accident Case FIR  No 188/13 is registered  at  PS Rampur  on 08.12.13 U/S  279,337 IPC on the statements of Sh  Tikkam Sukh S/o Gian Chand R/o Poshna Tehsil Nirmond Distt Kullu ,alleging therein that on 08.12.13 at about 9AM  he was going Duttnagar a alongwith Nirma Ram and Nand Lal when they reached Bazir Bawari  NH22  A HRTC  Bus No.HP-25A-0631 came in over speed and hit the Nirma Ram. This accident  due to negligent driving of driver Sunil  Kumar. The Case Is being  investigated by ASI Karam Chand  I/O  PS Rampur.

  6. During last 24 hours 230 vehicles were challaned by Shimla Police under M V Act and 02 persons were challaned under COTPA (Cigarette & Other Tobacco Act 2005). The total amount of Compounding fee of  challans under MV, & COPTA Act is Rs. 43,200/-

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