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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Crime Report on 24-04-2016

1       A Wrongful  restrains Case FIR No. 35/16 dt. 23/04/16 U/S 341,323,34 IPC PS Jhakri  has been registered  on the report of Rahul   Kedarta S/O Sh. Gandu Ram R/O VPO Sugha Tehsil Rampur Distt. Shimla he alleged that today on dated 23/04/16 at about 2.30 pm when he was situated at bazar Sarahan in the  mean time one Mr. Arvind S/O Sohan Lal R/O Samej and one another unknown person obstruct his way & beaten him with Kicks & punches without any cause . Case is being investigated by HC Dola Ram No. 57 I/O PP Sarahan


2        A criminal trespass and mischief causing damage  case FIR No. 25/16 dated 23-04-16 u/s 447,427 IPC PS Chirgoan  has been registered on the application of Sh. Matwar Singh S/o Late Sh. Udham Lal  VPO Kanthli Tehsil Chirgaon District   Shimla alleged therein  that on 21/22-4-16 mid night accused  Barji Ram s/o sh. Kedar Singh, Sohan Lal s/o sh. Jagdish, Shamsher S/o Sh. Saran Dass, Malak Raj Sharma and other villagers of bagi entered his land and  cut his 20/25 apples plants  between  the land at Mola near Bagi to case is being investigated by HHC Shishi Ram I/o Ps Chirgoan


3       A causing hurt rashly and negligently as to endanger human life case FIR No 336,337 IPC PS West Shimla  has been registered on the statement of  Slaudeen S/o Sh. Kaleemu deen  R/o Manwar P.O Mahishi district Sharsa Bihar .Who are presently residing at Kanchi more Sleem Bulding Totu Shimla alleging therein that he and his two brother Sohabudeen and Masrudeen were came to Shimla for the purpose of  labourer  for the last two months. All of above persons are working as shuttering work with the contractor of Mr. Saleem at Totu Shimla on 23-04-2016 suddenly one plate of shuttering fell down on the head of Mr. Sohabudeen, in which he has got injuries in his head.This incident caused due o negligently by the contractor of Mr. Saleem and case has been registered against him. Case is being investigated by HC Kiran I/O PP Jatog


4       A theft case FIR No 26/16dated 24-04-2016 U/S 379 IPC PS Chirgoan has been registered on the application of Sh >kushal ratwan S/o Sh. Chet Ram R/o Village laurat Tehsil Chirgaon district Shimla alleging therein that on23-04-2016 one Mr Anoop Kumar Mehta S/o Shyam Murari Mehta Village Khashdhar has  stolen away two tires of his Vehicle No HP-63 3831 Pickup , one stereo buffer and Tarpaulinl   of vehicle. The total value of stolen articles about Rs 30,000/- case is being investigated by HC Puran Chand I/O PS Chirgoan


5       An accident case FIR NO 64/16  dated 24-04-2016 U/s 279,337 IPC Ps Theog has been registered on the complaint of Sh. Ram Krishan  S/o Sh. Meetha Ram R/o Village Dhagali P.O Balag tehsil theog Distt. Shimla alleging therein that 23-04-2016 he is going to Parala Sabji Mandi by his vehicle No HP09C-0116 Centro Car with his family when he reached at one K,M towards Sainj a vehicle No HP08A 0678 Pickup came rashly and hit his vehicle. In this incident the mother of complainant, sister, nice and brother in law has sustain injuries. This incident has accrued due the negligent driving by Mr. Jasvinder Chauhan S/o Sh. Rajinder Chauhan. Case is being investigated by ASI PP Chhailla      


6       During last 24 hours 284 vehicles were challaned under MV Act, compounded =-95 & fine realized Rs. 37,700/-and 4 person challned under smoking Act & fine collected Rs=400/ Total fine realized Rs=38100/-

       Follow up :-

1. Accused Vinay Kumar S/o Sh. Hari Krishan R/o House No 7337Samrala Chowk Ludhiana     arrested in case FIR No 24/16 on 07-02-2016 U/S 457,380 IPC at Ps Sadar has been given  police reamed up to 25-04-2016 by the ld court Shimla accordingly.  

2.  Accused S/o Sh. Bhag Chand R/o Village Punan P.O Nankhari  Tehsil Rampur has been arrested in case FIR No 81/16 dated 23-04-2016 U/S 376,506 IPC &6 POSCO Act at PS Rampur has been given police remand up to 26-04-2016 by the ld court accordingly  

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