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Friday, June 26, 2015

Crime Report on 26 June, 2015

  1. A  Trespass case FIR N0 226/15 has been registered at PS Dhalli on 25-06-15 U/S 451,323,504,34 IPC on the statement of  Sh. Sushant Sharma S/o Sh. Jagat Pal Sharma R/o Vill Chambyar PO Sikroha Tehsil Sadar Distt. Bilaspur A/P, C/o Kuldeep Mehta Niwas, Lower Cemetry, Sanjauli, Shimla stated therein that on 24-06-2015 at about 09-30 PM he was going to shop for purchasing of milk. Ashish Chandel and Rahul met him there and abusing and beaten him. After that he ran away from the spot but Ashish and Rahul chased him and entered in his premises and again beaten him and his mother. The case is being investigated by HC Ram Singh I.O PS Dhalli.
  2. A Wrongful restraint case FIR N0 225/15 has been registered at PS Dhalli on 25-06-15 U/S 341,323,324,504 IPC on the statement of Ashish Chandel S/o Basant Singh Chandel R/o Vill Majhrana PO Bharana Tehsil Theog stated therein that on 24-06-2015 about 09-30 PM when he was going to his home Frood and when he alongwith Rahul reached near Lambi building Middle Cemetery, one person namely Sushant obstructed his way and attacked on him with knife. The case is being investigated by SI Tavender Singh I.O PS Dhalli.  
  3. A Rioting case FIR No. 227/15 has been registered at PS Dhalli on 25.06.2015 U/S 341,323,504,147,149 IPC on the statement of Smt. Indra Sharma W/o Sh. Ghanshyam Sharma R/o Vill Gedda PO Khatnol Tehsil and Distt. Shimla stated therein that on 24.06.2015, she called the Harinder Singh R/o Village Bharaiyan alongwith mule to carry the vegetables from her field through common path. When Harinder Singh was carrying the vegetables, on the way her neighbor namely Rattan & Pawan have stopped him and refused him to ply the mule on common path. On the same day at about 05-30 PM, when she was coming to home, Rattan, his son Pawan, Lakshmi, Kundan, Nirmala Devi and Dinesh obstructed her way, abused & scuffle with her.  The case is being investigated by HC Shishu Pal,I/O PP Mashobra.
  4. A House Trespass case FIR No. 90/15 has been registered at PS Theog today i.e. 26.06.2015 U/S 448 IPC on the statement of Sh. Nikhil Chandel S/o Lt. Sh. Ram Saran R/o Village Rotidhar, PO Cheog, Tehsil Theog, Shimla stated therein that he has land at village Majhroi & constructed a house in his orchard. On 23.06.2015, when he visited the above land he found that Smt. Urmila W/o Sh. Suresh R/o Nahan has locked his house with the intention to illegally possession. The House hold articles were also missing from the house. The case is being investigated by ASI Ram Singh, I/O PP Fagu.
  5. During the last 24 hours total 317 vehicles challaned by Shimla Police under MV Act and 06 under Smoking Act & 02 Challan under Mining Act. Total Challan compounded = 187 and fine realized Rs. 59,000/-

Proceeding U/S 174 Cr.PC:-

Today Smt. Telu Devi @ Geeta W/o Sh. Ganga Ram, R/o Village Dugwi, PO Shamina, Tehsil Nirmand, Distt. Kullu, HP, Aged 32 years was going to village Majholi, on the way Nr Maghara a bear attacked on her and she sustained serious injuries.  She died at MGMSC Khaneri during the treatment.  Her deadbody handed over to her relatives for crimination after autopsy.   

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