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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Crime Report June 28, 2015

  1. A Gambling Act case FIR No. 47/15 has been registered at PS Chirgaon on 27.06.2015 U/S 13-3-67 Gambling Act on the rukka of ASI Kuldeep Kumar, I/O PS Chirgaon stated therein that on 27.06.2015, he alongwith staff was on patrolling/ traffic duty at Chirgaon Bazar. At about 06-15 PM,  he intercepted four persons namely Ram Nath S/O Sh. Dhanpur R/O Chirgaon (Dhara Malik), Shankar S/O Shiv Ram R/O Garh Tehsil Chirgaon, Mohmad Sazid S/O Amir Hussan R/O Navgaon Tehsil Barkot Distt. Uttar Kashi (UK) & Deepak Kumar S/O Sh. Veer Singh VPO Chirgaon, who were gambling (playing cards) in the Dhara of Ram Nath & recovered Rs. 4200/-  and 52 playing cards from the spot. The case is being is investigated by ASI Kuldeep Kumar I/O P.S Chirgaon.

  2. An Accident case FIR No. 161/15 has registered at PS West today i.e. 28.06.2015 U/S 279,337,304A IPC on the statement of Sh. Shankar Dass S/o Sh. Bhagwan Dass R/o Village Dulet, PO Laihari, Tehsil Shri Naina Devi, Distt. Bilaspur, age 42 year alleging therein that he alongwith his brother Suresh Kumar were going to Anni from Chandigarh in his Truck No. HP-24C-0961loaded with vegetable.  Another Mazda Truck No. HR-68-1674 driven by Sh. Aman Kumar S/o Sh. Pritam Chand R/o Taleen, Teshil Bangana, Distt. Una a/w cleaner Lovlesh, age 20 year were also driving ahead of his vehicle. When they reached near Sonu Bangla the driver of HR-68-1674 lost control over his vehicle & rolled down from the road. In this accident cleaner Lavlesh died on the spot & driver Aman Kumar sustained injuries. The case is being investigated by  SI Virochan Negi, I/O PS West.

  3. A Cheating case FIR No. 92/15 has been registered at PS Theog on 27.06.2015 U/S 420,467,468,471,120B IPC on the complaint received from the Ld. Court of ACJM Theog of Smt. Dhungo Devi W/o Late Sh. Kansia R/o Villge Basahat, PO Parala, Tehsil Theog, Distt. Shimla, age 82 years stated therein that   after the death of her husband she is living alone. As per the Jamabandi for the year 2009-10, she is the owner of land measuring 00-26-81 hectares at Chak Basahat, Pargna Palana. She is illiterate widow having no child. Few years ago some part of the land of the complainant was acquired by the govt, for construction of TKH road and compensation was also awarded to her by deposited directly in her bank account. After construction of Parala Subji Mandi, commercial activities were increased in the area and land mafias & property dealers are cheating the illiterate/poor people. On 21.05.2015, two persons namely Vipin Chauhan S/o Sh. Sunder Singh R/o Village Chatari, PO Balghar, Tehsil Kotkhai, Pawan S/o Sh. Joginder Singh R/o Village Tharola, Tehsil Kotkhai, Shimla come to her house and told her that they have come from the court & some more compensation of the road is being paid to her. They taken her to the office of Sub-Registrar, where two persons namely Yograj S/o Sh. Deep Ram R/o Village Kimunalah, Tehsil Theog alongwith Bihari Lal a/p Reader to SDM Theog were already sitting with the Tehsildar Theog. Without telling her anything, they taken her thumb impression on the forgery saledeed and fraudulently registered her land in the name of accused No. 1 without her consent and told her that compensation will be deposited in her account.

  4. A Wrongful Restraint case FIR No 107/15 has been registered at PS Rampur today i.e. 28.06.2015 U/S 341,323,34 IPC on the Statement of Sh. Rajkumar S/O Sh. Roshan Lal R/o Village & PO Nogli, Tehsil Rampur, Distt Shimla alleging therein that on 27.06.2015 at about 6.30 PM, he was present at Nogli Fair. At the same time, Govind @ Lovely S/O Budhi Singh & Kalish @ chunnu S/O Mitthu Ram R/O Matrewal came there along with their friends obstructed his way & beaten him brutally. The case is being investigated by ASI Bhagat Ram, I/O PS Rampur.

  5. Mischief by fire or explosive substance with intent to destroy house, etc case FIR No. 160/15 has been registered at PS West today i.e. 28.06.2015 U/S 436 IPC on the statement of Sh. Pramod Kumar S/o Sh. Dalel Singh, R/o Village & PO Bhopara, Tehsil Khatouli, Distt. Mujjafar Nagar, UP A/P Section Engineer, Mechanical Railway Station  T-15J, Railway Colony Shimla-4 stated therein that in January 2015, he purchased a Car No. HP-03D-2475 (Swift) from Goyal Motor Shimla & parked near T-51 Building. In the intervening night of 27/28.06.2015 at about 01-30 AM, Ravi S/o Sh. Ram Lal told him that his car is on fire.  He alongwith Ravi ran to the spot and saw that his vehicle HP-03D-2475 (Swift) & another vehicle No. HP-01A-0874 of Sh. Ram Lal, were burnt in the fire & desroyed. Whereas another two vehicle No. HP-07D-6969 (Innova) & HP-01A-5461  have also been damaged due to fire. The case is being investigated by ASI Partap Singh, I/O PS West.

  6. A Noise Pollution Act case FIR No. 60/15 has been registered at PS Rohru today i.e. 27.06.2015 U/S 188 IPC & 6 Noise Instrument Act on the rukka of ASI Ranjeet Singh, I/C PP City Rohru stated therein that on 27.06.2015, he alongwith staff on law & order duty at Indira Gandhi Stadium Samala in Jagran. After 10-00 PM, Sh. Sumesh Chauhan, Pradhan Nav Jagriti Manch, ADN Pahwa Light & Sound party played their music system loudly.  The case is being investigated by ASI Ranjeet Singh, I/C PP City Rohru.

  7. A Burglary case FIR No. 34/15 has been registered at PS Sunni on 27.06.2015 U/S 457, 380 IPC on the statement of Sh. Ramesh Kumar S/o Sh Lachhmi Nand R/o Village Drawl, PO Karyali, Tehsil Sunni District Shimla alleging therein that during the intervening night of 25/26.06.2015, some unknown person has entered in the Society Depot at Village Karyali and stolen away Rice 13 Bags x 50=650 kg , Sugar 2.5 Bags  x 50 =120 kg , Pulses worth Rs.  14306/- and Rice 3 Bags= 75 kg , flour 2 Bags=70 kg , Rajmah 2 pkt= 50 kg worth Rs. 8100 from the shop of  Dharm Parkash. The case is being investigated by  SI Tilak Chand, SHO PS Sunni.

  8. A Theft case FIR No. 61/15 has been registered at PS Rohru today i.e. 28.06.2015 U/S 379 IPC on the statement of Sh. Arvind Singh S/o Sh. Ram lal R/o village Sharog PO Arhal Tehsil Rohru Distt. Shimla HP A/P Bautinala Shimla road Rohru alleging therein that some unknown person has stolen away his Maruti Alto car no. HP10A 1111 which was parked at  Bautinala. Case is being investigated by ASI Gopal Singh I/O PS Rohru.

  9. During last 24 hours 167 vehicles were challaned under MV act & 03 persons challaned under Smoking Act. Total challaned compounded 80 & fine realised Rs 44800/- .

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