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Friday, July 22, 2016

Crime Report on July 22,2016

  1. An Accident case FIR NO 46/16 has been registered at PS Chopal on 21.07.2016 U/S 279 337 IPC on the statement of Sh. Rai Singh S/o Sh. Surat Singh R/o Village & PO Dhavas Statin alleging therein that he alongwith Bablu was travelling on Motorcycle driven by Sanju. When they reached near Shed, at the same time a Car No. HP-08A-219, came rashly and hit with their motorcycle, caused sustained injuries to them.  The case is being investigated by ASI Ram Gopal I/O PS Chopal
  2. An Accident case FIR  No. 67/16 has been registered at PS Rohru on 21.07.2016 U/S 279,337 IPC & 187 MV Act on the statement of Ms. Pratiksha D/O Sh. Ravinder Rethwan R/O Diswani PO Kaloti Tehsil Chirgaon Distt Shimla stated therein that  therein that today on 21.07.2016,  she was  going to college at Seema. When they reached near near college Rain Shelter, suddenly a Motorcycle came rashly and hit her and run away from the spot.   In this accident she sustained injuries. The case is being investigated by HC Pawan Kumar No. 224 I/O PS Rohru.
  3. An Accident case FIR No. 180/16 has been registered at PS West, Shimla today on 22.07.2016 U/S 279 337 IPC on the statement of Sh. Viveka Nand Prihar S/o Sh. Jia Lal R/o Village & PO Dyawla, Tehsil & PS Kandaghat, Distt. Solan, age 31 years stated therein that he parked his Tipper No. HP-13A-2233 near Sankat Mochan Temple. He received a call of unknown person who told him that a  Maruti van No. HP-64-9075 driven by Pramod Singh S/o Sh. Geeta Ram R/o Village Basantpur, Tehsil Sunni, Shimla, on the way from Solan to Shimla, collide with his truck and caught fire. Due to fire another vehicle No. HP-63A-1179 was also damaged. In this accident driver of above vehicle Pramod Singh alongwith Balkrishan S/o Sh. Bhoop Ram R/o Village Gumma, Tehsil Sunni, Shimla sustained injuries. The case is being investigated by HC Kiran, I/O PS West. 
  4. An Accident case FIR No. 181/16 has been registered at PS West today on 22.07.2016 U/S 279 337 IPC on the statement of Sh. Mohit Sharma S/o Sh. Anand Sharma R/o Village Anand Vatika, Shiv Kuteer, Phagali, Shimla, HP stated therein that after closed his sweet shop, when he reached outside his house at Phagli and saw that Eicher Canter No. HP-62-2194 met with an accident & rolled down from the road, caused sustained injuries to Raju Ram Thakur S/o Sh. Parma Nand R/o Village Lunda, PO Salwana, Tehsil Sunder Nagar, Distt. Mandi, age 33 years and Jhalak Kumar S/o Sh. Dharm Pal A/P Mangak Niwas, Tutikandi, Shimla sustained injuries. The case is being investigated by ASI Mast Ram, I/O PS West.
  5. A Wrongful Restraint case FIR No. 33/16 has been registered at PS Nerwa on 21.07.2016 u/s 341, 323,34 IPC on the complaint of Sh. Mastu S/o Sh. Bani R/o village Gatu PO Kaiddi Tehsil Chopal, Shimla alleging there in that on 21.07.2016, he was going to home from Polia. At about 05.15 PM when he reached near Poliya, two persons namely Laiq Ram S/o Sh. Sohan Singh R/o village Polia & Prem S/o Sh. Madhu ram R/o Village Polia Tehsil Chopal Distt Shimla obstructed his way and beaten him brutally. The case is being investigated by ASI Kamlender Singh I/O PS Nerwa.
  6. A Wrongful Restraint  case FIR no 68/16 has been registered at PS Rorhu on 22.07.2016 u/s 341,323,504,379 IPC on the  statement of Sh. Devinder Singh S/o Vipal Lal R/o VPO Chirgaon Teh Chirgaon Distt Shimla in which he alleged therein that today on dated 22.07.2016 when he was repairing his vehicle No HP 01A-5523 at Piku  workshop Rohru, suddenly four persons came there and started beaten with him kicks and blows and he fall down on the road one person took away his 19000/- rupees or his veh keys from inside the his veh and mobile phone also. He got sustain injuries and treatment in CH Rohru . The case is being investigated by ASI Gopal Sing I/O PS Rohru.
  7. An Accident case FIR No 147/16 has been registered at PS Rampur 22.07.2016 U/S 279,304A IPC on the Rukka of HC Devinder Nath alleging therein that on  21.07.2016 at about 4.30 PM information received from PP Nankhari that one truck No HR69A-8601 EICHER which was going towards Belupul Nankhari side on the way near Khanog driver lost control over the truck and it fell down from hill. In this accident driver died on the spot. Case has been registered and is being investigated by HC Devinder Nath I/OPS Rampur.
  8. A Trespass case FIR No 85/16 has been registered at PS Kumarsain 22.07.2016 U/S 451,323,506 IPC on the statement  of Sh Jagmohan S/o Sh kedar Nath R/o V&PO Kirti tehsil Kumarsain Distt Shimla alleging therein that today on 22.06.2016  at about 9:45 AM he was going to check the Pipe Line of water supply. When he reached near the House of Ashok  Kumar one person Sh Raghubir Singh S/o Sh Krishan Chand R/o Village Gharal P/O Kirti tehsil Kumarsain Beaten him with sticks and Punches in the courtyard of Ashok Kumar in which he sustained injuries . Case is being investigated By ASI , Hem Chand I/C PP Sainj.
  9. During last 24 hours 443 vehicles were challaned under MV Act, compounded =218  & fine realized Rs. 43,740 /- and  70 persons challaned under smoking Act & fine collected Rs. 7,400/-

 Follow Up

  1. Accused Raj Kumar S/o Bhartmurmu R/o Dhanvaran P/o Ranghata  PS Katoriya, Barahaat Distt.Banka Bihar age 24 years arrested in case FIR No 44/16 dated 02.07.2016 u/s 382,323,504 IPC PS Sunni sent to Judicial custody by Ld Court.

  2. Accused Mahinder Singh S/o Sh Roop Lal Negi R/o village Sangla P/o Recongpeo  Distt Kinnour arrested in case FIR No 83/16 U/S 454, 380 IPC PS New on dated 14.07.2016 Shimla at New Shimla is is on Police remand up to 25.07.2016.

  3. Accused Kishori Lal S/O Sh Orap Chand VPO Tandi Tehsil Anni Distt Kullu arrested in Case FIR No 88/16 U/S 279,337,304AA IPC sent to judicial custody by Ld Court upto 04.08.2016.





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