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Friday, October 10, 2014

Crime Report 10 Oct. 2014

  1. A House Trespass case FIR No126/14 is registered at PS Rampur on 10.10.2014 U/S 451,323 IPC on the complaint of Sh. Prakesh Chand S/O Sh. Jai Singh R/o Village- Karki, PO- Kothi, Tehsil- Aani, Distt- Kullu HP A/P Bisht Bhojnayala Nogli Rampur Bsr alleging therein that on 10.10.2014, he was present in his hotel, at the same time, an unknown person entered in his hotel and asked for Beedi. He gave him Beedi, but he started to abuse him. When he resists, he beaten him & his wife. The case is being investigated by ASI Ramesh Chand.

  2. An Arms Act case FIR No. 52/14 has been registered at PS Sunni on 09.10.2014 U/S 341,323,336,506,34 IPC & 25-54-59 Arms Act on the statement of Sh. Chet Ram S/o Sh. Nand Ram R/o Village- Mandri, PO- Chalahal, Sub-Tehsil- Dhami, Distt. Shimla alleging therein that on 09.10.2014, he was plaughing in his field. At about 08:30 AM, wife of Ramesh came there and started to abuse him. At the same time, Ramesh alongwith his mother Basharu Devi and his two sons Ajay & Devinder came there and also started to abuse him. Ramesh brought his  gun and fired in air towards his home and Devender has also slapped his father. The case is being investigated by SI Tara Singh, SHO PS Sunni.

  3. A Criminal breach of trust case FIR No. 99/14 has been registered at PS Rohru on 09.10.2014 U/S 407 IPC the application of Sh. Manoj Kumar S/o Lt. Sh. Bishan Dass R/o Village- Darshal, PO- Jhagthi, Tehsil- Rohru, Shimla alleging therein that on 01.10.2014, he loaded 429 boxes of apples from Sabzi Mandi Rohru to Jhodhpur in Truck No. HP-64C-8578. The name of Truck owner is Pawan Kumar & Driver Mandeep Singh (both)  R/o Village- Aanji, PO- Chambaghat, Tehsil & Distt. Solan. But the above truck has not reached at Jhodhpur till now. The case is being investigated by HC Prakash Chand I/O PS Rohru.

  4.  An Accident case FIR No. 58/14 has been registered at PS Chopal on 09.10.2014 U/S 279,337,304A IPC on the statement of Sh. Relu Ram Sharma S/o Late Sh. Thebu Ram R/O Village- Khadar, PO- Nakaurapul, Tehsil- Chopal, Distt. Shimla alleging therein that on 09.10.2014 at about 3.30 PM when he was present at Khadar Kanchi. At the same time a Car No. HP10-0849 (Alto 800) came rashly from Nakaura side and met with an accident and rolled down from the road in Thumba Nala. Six persons and a child were sit in the vehicle. One lady has died on the spot and others sustained injuries. The case is being investigated by ASI Ram Gopal I/O PS Chopal.

  5. A Rioting case FIR No. 199/14 is registered at PS West Dated 10.10.2014 U/S 341, 147, 149, 151, 188 IPC  on the rukka of SI Babu Ram I/C PP Summerhill Shimla alleging therein that when he alongwith staff was present at Library HPU for law and order duty. About 40/50 students of ABVP & SFI namely Varun Sharma, Kapil Sharma, Rahul Chauhan, Ashish Sikta, Kushal Kaundal & other came there and stopped the way and started shouting slogans against State Govt. and HPU Administration and disobey the section 144 Crpc. The case is being investigated by SI Babu Ram I/C PP Summerhill Shimla.

  6. During last 24 hours 197 vehicles were challaned by Shimla Police under MV Act and 10 Challan under Smoking Act. Total challan were compound= 115 and fine realize Rs. 30,700/-


  1. Accused Dola Ram S/o Sh. Manohar Dass Caste S/C Village & PO Nirmond Distt Kullu HP age 30  years has been arrested in case FIR No 125/14 Dt. 09.10.14 U/S 379 IPC Rampur released  on  bail today.

  2.  Accused Prashant Chauhan S/o Lt. Sh. Narayan Chauhan R/o Verma Niwas Phase-W, New Shimla has been arrested in case FIR No. 121/14 Dt. 08.10.14 U/S 379, 427 IPC PS East is on Police remand up to 13-10-2014

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