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Sunday, October 6, 2013


1.         A Wrongful Restraint  Case FIR No.93/13 is registered at PS East on 05.10.13 U/S 341, 325,34 IPC on the statement  of  Sh Kanwaljit  Singh Student of APG University Shimla, alleging therein that  on 04.10.13  three student of  APG University namely Shubham, Amol and Manoj beaten him in front of the reception of University. After the medical examination of Mr Kanwaljit Singh and  MLC received  on 05.10.13 from IGMC Shimla. M.O, IGMC Shimla mentioned the nature of injuries grievous.  The Case  is being investigated by HC Ramesh Chand I/O PP Kasumpti Shimla.

2.           A Cheating Case FIR No 94/13 is registered at PS East on 06.10.13 U/S 420,120B IPC &7 of HP Prevention of Mall practices & Board and University Exam Act 1984 on the complaint of Sh Neem Raj Invigilator Row No II. HP PSC Hall No -1 Nigam Vihar Shimla, alleging therein that Sh Manish Sharma Ticket No 100045 ,Roll No 1202001261 was appearing in the Exam of Delhi Police ,CAPFS and Astt Sub Inspector in CISF and intelligence Exam during checking he Caught with electronic device i.e Bluetooth and Mobile Phone. Accused arrested  and  case is being  investigated by ASI Sehdev I/O P.S East Shimla.

3.          A Disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant Case FIR No 198/13 is registered at PS West Shimla on 06.10.13 U/S 188 IPC on the complaint of Shiv Choudhary Dy.S.P. Cum-Chief security officer  H.P. University Shimla -5, alleging therein that on 06.10.13 at 5 AM  when  he checked  Boys hostels   alongwith ,A.S.P. Shimla , Chief Warden of the H.P. University Shimla-5, SHO PS Boileauganj and found that one namely Sh. Nand Lal was staying in the SBS Hostel Room No 316 and 2nd Sh.Puneet Dhanta was also staying illegally in the room no 105 in YSP Hostel. This is the clear to cut violation of the orders of the Hon,ble High Court  and H.P. University Hostel rules. The Case is investigated by HC Suresh Kumar  I/O. P.P. Summer Hill. 

4.          A Wrongful Restraint  Case FIR No 47/13 is registered at PS Jhakri on . 05.10.13 U/S 451,323, 506, 34 on the statement of  Som . Bahadur Lamba S/o Sh. Bamb Bhadur Vill. Coaching Dada Bahara Beesh Teh Chotara Distt. Sandhupal Chowk  Anchal Bagmati Nepal, Sh. Dorje Lamba S/o Sh. Pasang Lamba vill. Pasas P.O Mangal Pare  Teh. Chotara Distt. Sindhupal Chowk Nepal Anchal Vari & Deepak Siekeyea S/o Sh. Tulsi Siekeyea Vill. Guru Bandha P.O Urang  Teh. Maswat Distt. Darang (Aasam),alleging therein that on 04.10.13 at about 5:15 PM when they seated their room together in that time a person namely Krishan S/o Lt. Sh. Hari Dass & another person namely  Sandeep S/o  Sh. Mohan Lal R/o Vill. Nanti P.O  Fancha Teh. Rampur Distt. Shimla came in their room in drunken condition & beaten all of them with kicks & punches & threatened them. The Case is being investigated by ASI Bhoop Singh I/C PP Jeori.

5.          An Attempt to Murder Case FIR No 185/13 is registered at PS Sadar Shimla  on 05.10.13 U/S 341,147,148, 149, 307 on the complaint of Sh Surinder Kumar S/o Sh Dev Ram R/O Vill. Chnardi  PO Bharari ghat P.S Darlaghat Tehsil Arki Distt Solan A/P M.A Eng. III rd Sem Evening College Shimla, alleging therein that  on 05.10.13 he was going to his Collage Class Room when he reached collage Campus at 5.10 PM suddenly 8/10 boys of A.B.V.P Namely Atul, Munish, Raman, Prince, Praveen Kaka Kaul Negi, Kerta and Piyush wrongful Restraint and assaulted on him with stick. In this incident he got injuries.  The Case is being investigated by ASI Lachmmi Singh  I/O P.S Sadar Shimla.

6.          An Attempt to Murder Case FIR No 186/13 is registered at PS Sadar Shimla on 05.10.13 U/S 147, 148, 149, 307 IPC on the complaint of Sh Atul Sharma S/o Sh Liaq Ram R/o Vill. Sarkali PO Saraha Tehsil Chopal Distt Shimla AP Bansal Kunj Housing Board Colony Sanjauli alleging therein that on 05.10.13 he was going to Evening college when he reached College campus at 5.30 PM suddenly Some students of SFI namely Surinder , Satish , Piyush  Chander Kant Pawan and Roni attacked on him with Stick. In this incident he and Kewal Ram got Injuries. The Case is being investigated by SI Dharam Singh I/O  PS Sadar  Shimla.

7.         An Accident FIR No 187/13is registered at PS  Sadar Shimla on 05.10.13 U/S 279,337 IPC & 187 M.V Act on the complaint of Sh Kumar Gourav S/o Rakesh R/o Lovely Cottage 130 Krishna Nagar Shimla ,alleging therein that on 05.10.13 at about 7.45 PM he was going from Kali Bari to his House Krishna Nagar when he reached near Old I.S.B.T A Motor Cycle No HP-52A-1965 came from Old I.S.B.T Side and hit him, due to which he received injury on his legs and arms and the Driver ran away with Motor Cycle from the Spot. Case Investigated by HC Puran Chand I/O  PS Sadar  Shimla.

8.      Snatching Case FIR No 188/13 is registered at PS Sadar Shimla on 06.10.13 U/S 356, 379 IPC on the complaint of Smt Vinita W/o Sh Sandeep VPO Katrain Tehsil & Distt Kullu A/P DDU Nursing Hospital Shimla, alleging therein that today at 7.45 AM She was going to attend her Duty in DDU ZH Hospital when She reached below DDU ZH Hospital a unknown person snatched her Chain and Mobile phone Nokia 5800 and ran away from the spot . The Case is being investigated by HC Ramesh Chand  I/O P.S Sadar Shimla.        

9.         During last 24 hours  211 vehicles were challaned  by Shimla  Police under MV Act . &  11  persons were challaned  under COTPA (Cigarette &  Other Tobacco Act 2005), 01 chanllaned  under Mining Act.  The total amount of Compounding fee of challans under MV Act is Rs. 38,400/-

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