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Friday, May 3, 2013


1.       A TRESPASS Case FIR 21/13 is registered at PS Jhakari on 02.05.13 U/S 447,427 IPC & 33 IF Act on the statement of Sh. Adarsh Kumar S/o Sh. Prem Chand R/o Davaru Seri P.O. Kharga Tehsil Nirmand Distt. Kullu, at present working as B.O. Gopalpur Sarahan Range, alleging therein  that on 15.04.2013 villagers of village  Chandpur, Sharanpur constructed the road without permission of forest department DPF Land at Chandpur, Sharanpur Ratanpur by JCB Machine. The case is being investigated by ASI Sher Singh I/O PS Jhakari

2.       A TRESSPASS Case FIR 22/13 is registered at PS Jhakari on 02.05.13 U/S 451,323 IPC  on the statement of  Sh. Bhag Chand S/o Sh. Mal Ram R/o VPO Sapni Teh. Sangla Distt. Kinnour, at present  Owner of Meet Shop at village Ratanpur Teh. Rampur Distt.Shimla, alleging therein that when one person namely Pawan Kumar R/o Sanarsa came to purchase meat from his shop but Pawan Kumar refused to pay and attacked on him. The case is being investigated by HC. Noop Ram-235 I/O  PS Jhakari.

3.       A WRONGFUL RESTRAINT Case FIR 27/13 is registered at PS New Shimla on  03.05.13 U/S 341,323 IPC on the Statement of Sh. Suresh Kumar S/o Sh Sainu Ram R/o Sher Singh Building Jhanjhiri Lower Khalini Shimla, alleging therein that on 02-05-13 at 10.30 PM when he was going to sleep his cousin  brother room near Jhanjhiri one person namely Rohit came & restraint his way & starting quarrel with him & beaten him with punches then  he fall down from the way. This case is investigating by ASI Desh Raj Guleria I/O PS New Shimla.

4.       AN ACCIDENT Case FIR No 21/13 is registered at PS Kotkhai on 02.5.13 U/S 279,337 IPC on the ruka of ASI Muni Lal I/O PS Kotkhai alleging there in that on 2.5.13 at 1.15 PM  a vehicle  M/Car  No. HP 52- 3706 met with an accident near Apple Crown due to rash & negligent driving of its owner Rajesh Kunar S/o Sh. Bhagat Ram  R/o Rawasi Teh & PS Chirgaon  Distt. Shimla. & fell down about 200mtr. In this accident driver got injuries who has been referred to IGMC Shimla.  The case is being investigated by ASI Muni Lal I/O PS Kotkhai.

5.       A RIOTING  Case FIR No. 73/13 U/S  147,148,149, 341,323  IPC registered at PS  East on the  Complaint of Sh. Prithvi Kumar Neshta M.P.E.D. Student  HPU Summer Hill  Shimla HP alleging therein that on 2-5-13 while  he was talking with his classmate Lekh Raj in the meantime  Sh. Ishan Dogra , Ravesh Negi and 25-30 Students come there and gave beatings to  him and his classmate Sh. Lekh Raj .  Due to which,  Prithvi  Kumar and Lekh Raj received injuries. The case is being investigated by PSI Rajesh Prasher I/O PS West Shimla.

6.       A RIOTING Case FIR No. 74/13 U/S 147,148,149, 323 506 IPC registered in Police Station West on the  Complaint of  Ishant  Dogra S/oSh Basti Ram R/O Deptt. of  Physical  education HPU Summer Hill   Shimla HP alleging therein that on 2-5-13, workers of NSUI named Ishan Dogra, Divyalok, Ramesh Negi, Sahil Singha, Rohit Chauhan, Rajan & Hitesh Mehta were attacked by the AVBP activist in the HPU Campus over unknown issue.  In which all NSUI workers were severely injured on face and head. All the ABVP activists equipped with weapons and rods in their hands and attacked the NSUI workers in front of HPU library. AVBP activists also threatened to attack again on NSUI workers. So, the above NSUI workers requested to lodge FIR against the ABVP activists The list of ABVP activists is as under:-1. Prithvi Raj Nepta Dept. M Ped. 2. Dinesh Thakukr  Dept. LLB-IV. 3. Ajay  Kashyap  Dept. LLB-III 4. Sunny Chauhan Dept. LLB-III 5. Denesh Sharma Dept. LLB-III 6. Jagdish (Ripimle) Dept. LLB -IV 7. Sunny Shukla 8. Navneet Kaushal Dept. MTA 9. Sunny banyal  Dept. Biotech. 10. Narinder Dept. LLB -IV 11. Naresh Dashta Dept . Of Hindi 12. Divash Dept. MTA 13. Mohar Singh Dept Law-II 14. Retish (Ritu) outsider 15. Ajay Thakur ABVP Prant Mantri 16. Surya Prakash  17. Balvinder (VPO Jamalan Tehsil & Distt. Hamirpur) 18. Amit kumar S/O Chaman Lal V. Baroti P.O. & Tehsil Sarka Ghat  19. Munish Dept. of Chemistry. The case is being investigated by PSI Manoj Kumar I/O PS West Shimla.

7.       A SNATCHING  Case FIR No. 74/13 dated-23/04/13 U/S 323,341,382 IPC registered at Police Staion West on the  Complaint of  Satish  Rohal  Conductor Bus No HP-62 -7534  alleging therein that on 2-5-13 while he was going to his home and reached  Near Ashiana restaurant Shogi,  one person namely Kaku restrained his way. He attacked him with stick on his head and snatched Rs. 8,000/- from his bag and he  ran away from the spot. The case is being investigated by HC. Ravinder Kumar I/O PS West Shimla.

8.       During last 24 hours 128 vehicles were challaned by Shimla Police under MV Act for the violation of Traffic rules and 07 persons were challaned under COTPA (Cigarette & Other Tobacco Act 2005). The total amount of Compounding fee of challans under MV, Mining & COPTA Act is Rs. 30,009/-

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