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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


1.                1.                 AN ACCIDENT Case FIR No.119/13 is registered at PS  Theog  on 09.09.13 U/S 279,337 IPC on the statement of Subhash Verma S/o Sh Kedar Singh Verma R/o Bheethu Dhar  P.O. Majar  Teh. Theog distt Shimla , alleging therein that on  09.09.13 he loaded vegetables in vehicle No HP63A-0988  for selling in Dhalli  along with his neighbour namely Joginder Singh S/o Sh  Devi Ram driver  said vehicle. When they reached near Hadog the driver lost  his control on  the vehicle and fall down 150 feet from  the road. In this accident both sustained  injuries. This accident occur due to rash and negligent driving of driver. The case is being investigated by ASI Kamal Nain  I/C PP Fagu.

2.                 A WRONGFUL  RESTRAINT  Case  FIR No. 81/13 is registered at  PS East Shimla on 10.09.13 U/S 341,355,504 IPC on the complainant of Nitu Dogra D/o Sh Nerender Dogra R/o  Koji Home near SVM school Vikasnagar, alleging therein that she was going to home on 09.09.13 at about 12.40 PM when she reached near Harihar Mandir Vikasnagar then one lady namely  Minakashi  obstructed her way and  assaulted. The Case is being investigated by HC. Balak Ram I/O  PP Kasumpti  PS  East Shimla.

3.                 A HOUSE-TRESPASS AFTER PREPARATION FOR HURT, ASSAULT Case FIR 45/13 on 10.09.2013 U/S 452,323,504,506 IPC on application of Smt. Asha Devi W/o Sh. Sant Ram R/o  Vill. Oran, Sub-Tehsil Kupvi, District Shimla, alleging therein that   on 09.09.13 at about 6:30 PM, she was at home village Oran one person namely Kirpa Ram S/o Sh. Lagnu entered into the premises of Smt. Asha Devi above abused her and beaten when Kirpa Ram above leaving house he also threatened her to kill. The Case is being investigated by ASI Shubhash Chand I/O PP Kupvi. 

4.                 AN ACCIDENT Case FIR No 59/13 is registered at  PS Rohru 09.09.13 U/S 279,336,337 IPC on the statement of Shurveer Singh S/o Meju Ram R/o Munchara PO Samoli Tehsil Rohru  Distt  Shimla, alleging therein that  on 09.09.13 he carry out a vehicle No HP 20T-4697 towards Rohru to Agra by Tikker at 5-15PM,when he approached near Udidhar then a Bolero camper pass his truck, the truck driver lose his control and truck  driver and other person jump over the truck above vehicle fall down 100mtr outside the road in this case  Bal Krishan,  Serveer Lal and Tosheen injured in this accident. This incident due to negligence and over speed of truck  driver.  The Case is being investigated by SI. Madan Lal I/O PS Rohru. 

5.                 ASSAULT OR CRIMINAL FORCE TO DETER PUBLIC SERVANT  FROM DISCHARGE OF HIS DUTY Case FIR No 60/13 is registered at  PS Rohru on 09.09.13 U/S 353,332, 34, 506 IPC on the statement of Gulab Singh S/o Late Sh Mani Ram R/o Kotru PO Karasa Tehsil  Rohru  Distt Shimla, alleging therein that he is a driver in HRTC. When he is approached in  Anu Basa two person namely Sanjeev  Bharanta and Manju Mehta stopped his way and beaten him without any  reason and threaten him to go way with  his life. The Case is being investigated by HC Subhash No  I/O PS Rohru. 

6.                 A WRONGFUL  RESTRAINT Case FIR No 62/13 on 09.09.13 U/S 341,323,506 IPC on application of Miss Subadhra D/o Lt. Tuloo Ram R/o Karchari  PO Sharotha Tehsil Rohru Distt Shimla, alleging therein that one person namely Bhagat Ram S/o Ronu Mal obstructed her way beaten and three others people and threat make her life in danger. The Case is being investigated by HC Man Dass  I/O PP Tikker. 

7.         During last  24 hours  189 vehicles were challaned  by Shimla  Police under MV Act. & 08 persons were challaned under COTPA (Cigarette & Other Tobacco Act 2005).  The total amount of Compounding fee of challans under MV Act & COTPA  is  Rs. 38,700/-.

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