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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Crime Report 24 April 2014

  1. An Accident Case FIR No.29/14 is registered at PS Rohru on 23.04.14 U/S 279,337 IPC on the statement of Sh.Amar Singh S/O Sh Dhal Bhadur R/O A/P Onkar Chand VPO Kathasu Tehsil Jubbal, District Shimla alleging therein that on 23.04.2014 when he was going to saw the Rohru Fair on foot, then one Motorcycle came from ACC park in over speed and hit to him & he fell-down due to this accident. The case is being investigated by HC Kanwar Singh I/O P.S. Rohru.



  2. A Theft Case FIR No. 52/14 is registered at PS East on 23-04-2014 U/S 379 IPC on the application of Sh.Madan Sharma S/O Sh Mast Ram Sharma R/O Village Shakrala PO Malyana Shimla, alleging therein that on 22-04-2014 at about     10-00 PM he parked his vehicle No. HP-08B-0857 on the road side and went to his house Shakrala. On 23-04-2014 when he came there he saw that back glass of his car was opened and Battery, light, stereo & charger stolen by some unknown person. The case is being investigated by HC Balak Ram I/O PP Vikas Nagar.



  3. An Accident Case FIR No.52/14 is registered at PS Sadar on 23-04-2014 U/S 279,506 IPC on the statement of Sh Suresh Sharma S/O Sh. Hari Dass R/O Talai PO Cheog Tehsil Theog, Distt. Shimla alleging therein that on 23-04-2014 he was going to his home with his family in Maruti Car No.HP-09A-2786. At about 02.30 PM when he reached near Both Well then a taxi No.HP-02A-736 under taking (HRTC) came in over speed from wrong side and hit his car from driver side. Driver of taxi threatened him and his family members who were sits inside the car with dire consequences. The case is being investigated by HC Raj Pal I/O PP Lakkar Bazar.



  4. An Obstructing & Threat of injury to public servant Case FIR No 53/14 is registered at PS Sadar on 23/4/14 U/S 289,186,189,504 on the statement of Sh Om Prakash Thakur S/O Sh Parma Nand Thakur A/P Employee in Estate Branch M.C Sihmla, alleging there in that he along with other employees of M C Sihmla went to remove the banner, which was installed by unknown person on M.C Parking near Jodha Niwas Shimla without approval of M.C..After removing the banner the M.C staff took the banner in the M.C Office.At about 4-00 P.M  one unknown person came in finance Branch M.C office Shimla along with his pet Dog. He started unparliamentarily Language to the staff of M.C, threats them to lost their job from M.C Department, also create a panic in the office and obstructed the official work. At the same time the pet dog of that unknown person bite Sh Brij Lal, Clerk of M.C Shimla. The Case is being investigated by HC Bala Ram I/O P.S Sadar .


  5. A Theft case FIR No. 53/14 is registered at PS East on 24.04.2014 U/S 380 IPC on the Statement of Sh. Rajesh Kumar Mehta S/O Lt. Sh. Guru Dutt Mehta R/O Housing Board Colony Jakhu Distt. Shimla alleging therein that he has sold out his ground floor of his building to Rajinder Mahindra who came vocationally to this flat. Today in the morning he noticed that water was flowing out  through the door of ground floor, at this he opened the door for checking and found that  ten 10 taps of the water supply of the kitchen and bath room are missing. The case is being investigating by LHC Kalpna I/O P.S East.


  6. During last 24 hours 160 vehicles were challaned by Shimla Police under M.V. Act.07 persons Challaned under smoking Act. The total amount of compounding fee of challan is Rs.16,300/-    

    Thanks & Regards,
     S.P. Shimla

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