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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Crime Report 23 April 2014

1.    A ND& PS Act Case FIR No.43/14 is registered at Ps Rampur on 22.04.14 U/s 20-61-85 ND&PS Act on the Ruka of ASI Bhagat Ram I/O PS Rampur alleging therein that on  22-04-2014 he along with staff were on patrolling/Nakabandi duty near Gandhi Park Rampur. One person namely Shyam Lal S/O Sh Shiv Ram R/O Village Sharnarni PO Khatu Tehsil Nirmand intercepted by the Police. During search 375 Gram Charas recovered from his possession. Accused has been arrested and case is being investigated by ASI Bhagat Ram I/O PS Rampur.


2.    A Theft case FIR No.18/14 is registered at PS Chopal on 12.04.14 U/S 381 IPC on the application of Smt. Nardosh Chauhan W/O Lt.Sh Vijay Kumar R/O Village Kashandli PO Devat, Tehsil Chopal, District Shimla alleging therein that she engaged two Nepali persons in the year 2009, namely Akash & Parkash as a servant to look after her home. On 21-04-14 her nephew informed her that above persons have stolen away power tiller, power sprayer, electronic spray, LPG Cylinder, Gas stove and other domestic equipments from her house. The case is being investigated by HC Gian Singh I/O PS Chopal.


3.    A Theft case FIR No.48/14 is registered at PS East on 22.04.14 U/S 380 IPC on the complaint of Sh Anil Vaidya Conservator Forest Deptt. Alleging therein that on 22-04-2014 at about 01-40 PM he went to lunch. When he came back after lunch he found that his Lap-Top with accessory was missing from his table/Office. The case is being investigated by HC Harish I/O PS East.



4.    A Theft case FIR No.63/14 is registered at PS Dhalli on 23-04-2014 U/s 457,380,279 IPC on the statement of Sh. Surinder Modi S/O Late Sh. Ramesh Chand Modi R/O VPO Mashobra Tehsil & Distt. Shimla A/P Shopkeeper Shyam Kol Company Mashobra alleging therein that  on 23.04.2014 he received a phone call from his brother Raj Kumar Modi at about 4.15/4.30 AM that the lock of his shop at Mashobra broken by someone and half shutter of shop left opened. He came there and searched his shop and found that some articles and cash Rs. 8000/- stolen. Suddenly he saw that one person namely Dharam Singh S/O Nirma Ram R/O Shilru P.O Mashobra Tehsil & Distt. Shimla going towards  Pick up No. HP-63-3018 carrying two packets in his hands. Surinder Modi call him to stop but he start his vehicle and run away from the spot. After sometime Surinder Modi saw that above vehicle fell down & his stolen articles from shop lying here & there near vehicle. The case is being investigated by HC Ashish Kumar I/O PP Mashobra.


5.    A Wrongful Restraint Case FIR No.49/14 is registered at PS East on 23-04-2014 U/S 341,323,506,34 IPC on the statement of Sh Gaurav Hans S/O Sh Hans Raj R/O Jatog Shimla alleging therein that on 22-04-14 he was sitting in his car at KNH ground with his brother in law. At about 11-45 PM one pick-up came there to unload the carton boxes and stop the pick-up in front of his car and three persons came down from the vehicle and beaten the both persons. The case is being investigated by HC Tenzin Chhering I/O PS East.


6.    A Wrongful Restraint Case FIR No.50/14 is registered at PS East on 23-04-2014 U/S 341,323,504,427,506 IPC on the statement of Sh Rajender  S/O Sh Sohan Lal  R/O Thakur Niwas near CID Office Kasumpti Shimla alleging therein that Balbir was driver in his vehicle No.HP-01A-9669 and two month ago he replaced him from the duty. Today at about 09-00 AM he was in his vehicle at Mehli then said Balbir came there obstruct his way, start abusing, beating him & threatened with dire consequences. The case is being investigated by HC Sheesh Pal  I/O PP Kasumpti.


7.    A Trespass case FIR No.58/14 is registered at PS West on 23-04-2014 U/S 451, 323, 34 IPC on the statement of Chandu Ram S/O Sh Dhani Ram R/O Bathmana PO Jabli Tehsil & Distt. Shimla alleging therein that one Sh Het Ram S/O Sh Geeta Ram R/O Dharvi illegally cross his mules from his fields. He refused him to cross his mules from his fields, then he quarreled with him. All of sudden his brothers etc. also came there and beaten him badly. The case is being investigated by HC Laiq Ram I/O PS West.


8.    During last 24 hours 195 vehicles were challenged by Shimla Police under M.V. Act.      03 persons challenged under smoking Act. The total amount of compounding fee of challan is Rs.18,840/-

    Thanks & Regards,
     S.P. Shimla

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