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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Crime Report On March 25, 2017.

1.    AN ACCIDENT: Case FIR No. 58/17 has been registered at PS Theog on 24.03.2017 U/S 279 337 IPC on the statement of Sh. Nikkam Singh S/o Sh. Balkrishan R/o Village Chewadi, PO Kansakoti, Tehsil Rohru, Distt. Shimla, age 43 years alleging therein that on 24.03.2017, he alongwith his parents & nephew Dinesh was going to home from Shimla in his vehicle No. HP-10A-7884. At about 06-15PM, on the way near Bhue, they stopped for taking a lunch in Dhaba. When they were going towards Dhaba, at the same time a Motorcycle No. HP-62-1788, driven by Gopal S/o Sh. Rann Bahadur R/o Dhamayna, PO Chhaila, Tehsil Theog, Shimla, came rashly and hit his mother, caused sustained injuries to her. The case is being investigated by HC Ajay Kumar, I/O PP Chhaila, PS Theog.

2.    AN ACCIDENT: Case FIR No. 8/17 has been registered at PS Kupvi today on 25.03.2017 U/S 279 337 IPC on the statement of Sh. Prem Chand S/o Sh. Daulat Ram R/o Vill. Kuhal, PO Dhabas, Tehsil Chopal, Distt Shimla, HP stated therein that today at about 10.25 AM Near Nandpur he saw that a vehicle No. HP62D-0309 Alto Car rolled down about 150 ft from the road. In this accident 5 persons sustained injuries and it happened due to the negligent driving of driver Lokinder Singh S/o Sh. Lakhi Ram R/o Vill. Jhokar, Tehsil Kupvi, Distt Shimla, HP. The case is being investigated by HC Satish Kumar I/O PS Kupvi.

3.    A GRIEVOUS: Case FIR No. 40/17 has been registered at PS Chirgaon on 25.03.2017 U/S 325, 506,34 IPC on the statement of Sh. Nihal Chand S/o Sh. Finna Dass R/o Village Sharkhuli, PO Kaloti, Tehsil Chirgaon, Distt Shimla, HP, alleging therein that on dated 17.03.2017 at 10.00 AM two persons namely Jishan Lal S/o Sh. Surat Ram & Pappu S/o Sh. Surat Ram beaten him brutally. in this incident he sustained injuries on nose. He was medically examined in hospital and Medical Officer has mentioned as grievous hurt in his final opinion. The case is being investigated by HC Balbir Singh, I/O PS Chirgaon.

4.    CAUSING DEATH DUE TO NEGLIGENCE ACT: Case FIR No. 31/17 has been registered at PS Jhakri on 24.03.2017 U/S 336,337,304A IPC on the statement of Sh. Virender S/o Sh. Roop Singh R/o Village Majhgaon, PO Shadar, Tehsil Rampur, Distt. Shimla alleging therein that on 24.03.2017 at about 05-30 PM, Lineman Thakur Sain S/o Gian Chand R/o Village & PO Sarahan alongwith three villagers Virender, Heera lal  and Devender were repairing the electricity line at Majhgaon. On the direction of lineman Thakur Sain, as he alongwith Heera Lal & Devender pulled  the electric wire, it touched with HT line and they all scratched due to electric current. In this incident one person namely Devender died on the spot & other two sustained injuries. This incident took place due to negligence act of lineman Thakur Sain. The case is being investigated by ASI Rajesh Kumar, I/C PP Sarahan.

5.   During last 24 hours  450 vehicles were challaned under MV Act, compounded = 206 & fine realized Rs. 80,000/- 75 persons challaned under Smoking Act & fine collected Rs. 7,850/- and  02 Challaned under Mining Act. 


1.    Deceased Puran Bahadur S/o Lt. Sh. Narender Singh Bahadur R/o Near Indian Research Agriculture Centre near RTO  office Shimla has been died due to fell down from the roadside, caused sustained injuries to him. He was shifted to IGMC Shimla by this fellow workers, where doctor declared him brought dead. Further legal proceeding are going on.

2.    Today morning at about 08-30AM, HHC Rattan Dass, age about 57 years, was travelling from PP Dodra-Kwar to Rohru for Court evidence & other official business. On the way while he was crossing Rupin River, he lost his balance and fell down into the river & flown away. The search is continue but could not traced out till now.     


1.     Accused Vinod Kumar S/o Pritam Singh R/O Village Annu PO Gumma Tehsil Kotkhai Distt Shimla Age 35 years, arrested in Case FIR No. 40/17 Dt. 21.03.2017 U/S 420,406 IPC  at PS West, is remanded in judicial custody for fourteen days, by the Ld. Court.

2.     Accused Smt. Shompa Manna W/o Sh. Subrat Kumar Manna R/o Flat No. 30, Plot No. 7, Shalimar Garden, Vikram Enclave Shahibabad, Distt. Gajiyabad UP age 46 year is arrested in case FIR No. 41/17 Dt. 21.03.2017 U/S 420, 511 IPC at PS New Shimla, is further remanded in Police Custody upto 28.03.2017, by the Ld. Court.

3.     Accused Ranjeet Singh S/o Sh. Devi Ram R/o Village Nava (Dachhain) PO Karsog, Tehsil Karsog, Distt. Mandi, age 24 years, arrested in case FIR No. 55/17 Dt. 23.03.2017 U/S 20-61-85 ND&PS Act at PS East, has been bailed out by the Ld. Court.

4.     Accused Mohinder Kumar S/o Sh. Som Krishan R/o Village Dumho, PO Kao, Tehsil Karsog, Distt. Mandi, age 22 years, arrested in case FIR No. 56/17 Dt. 23.03.2017 U/S 20-61-85 ND&PS Act at PS East, has been bailed out by the Ld. Court. 

Accused Mohd. Noshad S/o Sh. Dilshad R/o  Muhalla Deepasarai, Teshil & Distt. Sambal, UP, age 32 years, arrested in case FIR No. 98/16 Dt. 28.09.2016 U/S 407 IPC at PS Rohru and has has sent to judicial custody by the Ld. Court.

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