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Monday, September 19, 2016

Crime Report on Sep.19, 2016

  1. A Gambling Act case FIR No 117/16 has been registered at PS Kumarsain on 19.09.2016 U/S 13-3-1867 Public Gambling Act on the rukka of HC Ram Sain I/O PS Kumarsain alleging therein that today on 19.09.2016 during patrolling duty at Odi along with staff he recovered Rs 34900/- from the possessin of seven persons while they where play gamble with plying card. The case is being investigated by Ram Sain I/O PS Kumarsain.

  2. An Excise Act Case FIR No 57/16 has been registered at PS Chirgaon on 18.09.2016 U/S 39 HP Excise Act on the Rukka of ASI Kuldeep I/O PS Chirgaon alleging tyherein that on 18.09.2016 he along with staff was on patrolling towards Tikkari on the secret information he searched the Dhaba of Sh Bishabhar Singh S/o late Sh Devi Singh R/o Shiladesh Tehsil Chirgaon Shimla and Recovesrd 36 bottles of country liquor from his possessin .The case is being investigated by ASI Kuldeep I/O PS Chirgaon.

  3. An Accident case FIR No 248/16 has been registered at PS Sadar on 19.09.2016 U/S 279, 337 & 187 MV Act on the statement of Sh Devinder Kaith R/o Kaith Niwas Lower Kagnadhar Phase-3 New Shimla alleging therein that on 19.09.2016 A vehicle No HP 63 3969 came rashly  and hit his son and ranaway from the spot. The case is being investigated by HC Sunil Kumar I/O PS Sadar.

  4. A Theft case FIR No 112/16 has been registered at PS New Shimla on 18.09.2016 U/S 379, 279 IPC on the statement of Sh Hamender Verma A/P Eletrical Engineer , SAI Engineering Foundation Sector 4 New Shimla alleging therein that on 13.09.2016 he had parked his vehile No HP 25 A 1377 outside his office at New Shimla and went to Jalander for some official work. On the intervening night of 14/15.09.2016 one person Sher Singh who is an employee of his office took away his vehicle without his concent from his office premises. On 15.09.2016 the other employee of his office found his vehicle in accidential condition near BCS. The case is being investigated by HC Narinder I/O PS New Shimla.

  5. A Wrongful restraint case FIR No 179/16 has been registered at PS Rampur on 18.09.2016 U/S 341, 323 34 IPC on the application of Smt Lakshami Devi W/o Sh Dhan Sukh R/o Kasha P/o Kashapat Tehsil Rampur Shimla Alleging therein that on the 17.09.2016 she was ging to her fields, on the way Shiv Ram and Satya Devi obstructed her way and beaten her brutally.

  6. A Wrongful Restraint case FIR No 58/16 has been registered at PS Chirgaon today on 19.09.2016 U/S 341, 323, 506 IPC on the statement of Sh Kuldeeep Singh S/o Sh Jagar Nath R/o village Lakadhar P/o Gawas Dhogri Tehsil Chirgaon Distt Shimla alleging therein that on 18.09.2016 at 8:00 he alongwith Devinder Singh were coming to home from Bhagi. When They reached near Shella Pani at the same time one person namely namely manoj Kumar S/o Sh Dhyan Dass village Mani tehsil Chirgaon obstructed his way , beaten him brutally and threarened him with dire consequences.

  7. During last 24 hours 390 vehicles were challaned under MV Act, compounded = 174 & fine realized Rs. 50,500/- & 48 persons challaned under smoking Act & fine collected Rs. 4,850/- and 03 challan Under Mining Act and fine realized Rs 14000/-

    Follow Up :-

  1. Accused (1) Sushil Kumar S/O Daulat Ram R/O VPO Jharag Tehsil Jubbal Distt Shimla age 41 years and (2) Ravi Kumar S/O Sh. Bhag Singh R/O Vill. Bahal Arjun PO Chakyo Tehsil Badsar Distt. Hamirpur Age 31 years has been arrested by police and recovered 40 ltr. Diesel from their possession in case FIR No48/16 dated 17-09-2016 U/s 379 IPC  PS Jubbal is on Police Remand up to 20.09.2016 .

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