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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Crime Report On 15-05-2016

1.   A ND&PS Act case FIR No 57/16 dated 14-05-2016 U/S 20/61/85 ND& PS Act Ps East   Shimla has been registered on the the Rucka of ASI Ham Raj alleging therein that when he was on patrolling duty with his PS staff at Mehali towards Junga road one person who was caring his bag coming from Bell Institute try run away suddenly  see the police party. In this happening  police caught him immediately and intercepted accordingly .During his search  172 Gm Chars has recovered from his possession i.e his  bag, later on   who was revealed his name Manoj Kumar S/o Sh. Chander Bhadur Nepali  presently  residing  at village Jangla Tehsil Chirgaon Distt Shimla on the enquiry of police. The case is being investigated by ASI Hem Raj, I/O PS East.


2.   An Accident case FIR No  134/16 dated 15-05-2016 U/S 279,337 IPC &187 MV Act PS Dhalli has been registered on the statement of Mr. Sumeer Dutta S/o Sh. Daya Kishan Dutta R/o Village Kalgoan P.O Pujarli No 2 Tehsil Rohru Distt. Shimla who is presently residing at local bus stand Sanjauli Shimla alleging therein in that on 14-05-2016 he and along with his friend Mr. Kuwant Rekta return back to  their home at about 10PM when they reached near at car parking Sanjauli one light vehicle came from Sanjauli side toward Nav Bhar Chotta Shimla with rashly driving by the light vehicle of driver collided  with Mr. Sumeer Dutta and Kulwant Rekta, near car parking Sanjauli on road  and run away from the spot immediately, in this incident they got injuries, but they could not recognize the type of vehicle, number of vehicle and driver due to  darkness in the evening late hour, Case is being investigated by HC Lakh Raj I/O PP Sanjauli Shimla.



3.  An Accident case FIR No 100/16 Dt. 15-05-16 U/S 279, 337 IPCPS Sadar Shimla has been registered on the complaint of Sh. Deepk sandu S/o Sh. Guru pal Sandu R/o Rock dan estate Ashia the down Kachi ghati alleging therein that today he was going to Jhaku Radha Swami Satsang Hall by vehicle No HP63- 6977 Indica with his father. Vehicle was driving by his father  when they reach at Bembloy,one  vehicle No HP62 A 1898 (I- 20) came rashly from chotta shimla through overtake bus of HRTC and collided with his vehicle. This incident occurred due to rashly and negligent driving      by driver Sukrant Sood S/o Subhash Sood R/o Housing Colony Theog ShimlaIn this accident his father and mother and one another women have got injuries Case is being indvestigated by HC Himash I/o PS Sadar accordingly.


4.    A HP Instruments Control of Noise Act case FIR No 99/16 dated 15-05-2016 U/S 6 HP Instruments Control of Noise Act1969 PS Sadar Shimla has been registered on the Ruka of HC Puran Chand I/O PS Sadar alleging therein that today Near Slaster House road down side in the open areaof krishana Nagar  the Jagran of Ma Amby Rani  was being organized by the Pradhan Rajesh  Bhatia of Krishana nagar .The permission of HP Instruments Control of Noise Act was permitted up to 14-05-2016 at 9-30 PM in favour of Vikas Kumar S/o Sh. Ram Balam R/o Slaster House Krishana Nagar.The Music system is run by Mr. Kuldeep S/o Guruvachan Singh R/o Rshi Mohalla Jalander  in loud peach, in which common people have harassed  and birch of there  peace due to heavy/loud noise pollution by above mentioned persons accordingly . Case is being investgeted by HC Puran Chand I/O PS sadar    


5.   Proceeding U/S 174 Crpc (1) Sh Man Dass reported in this PS Nerwa on 15-05-2016  that his father sh Khantu s/o Kinkru Vill Chour .P.O Tikkri Sub Tehsil Nerwa distt Shimla hp age 50 year went to Shamtha to purchase daily needs articles but he  did not came back. Today he found dead at Obri Pani due to fall from the path . Post Mortem conducted by M.O CH Nerwa and dead body  has been handed over to his son Man Dass. Proceeding u/s 174 cr pc has been adopted and enquiry is being conducted by ASi Kuldeep SinghI/o PS Nerwa  accordingly.

(2) one Mr. Gurdyal Singh S/o Sh. Joginder Singh R/o Village Manupur P.O Gadna Tehsil Kharad Distt. Mohali Punjab found dead due heart attack in Pine View Hotel. Dead body has been handed over to the kin and kith of deceased family accordingly .


6.   During last 24 hours 317 vehicles were challaned under MV Act, compounded =-150& fine realized Rs. 48,800/-and 22 person challned under smoking &SRUP Act & fine collected Rs=4400/ Total fine realized Rs=53,200/-

       Follow up :- Nil

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