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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


  1. A ND&PS case FIR No 205/13 is registered at PS Dhalli on 17-12-2013 U/S 20 ND&PS Act on the report of HC Lekh Ram I/O PP Sanjauli that when he was on patrolling along with staff near Kala Dhank, one person namely Ajay Pal S/o late Sh. Aan Dass R/o Khrot Dhak, PO Shashli started running by seeing police officials. During his personal search 58gm.579ml. of Charas has been recovered from his possession. Accused has been arrested in this case. The case is being investigated by HC Lekh Ram, I/O PP Sanjauli.   

  2. An  Excise Case FIR No. 234/13 is registered at PS Sadar on 17-12-13 U/S 39 HP Excise Act on the report of ASI Paramjeet Saini I/O P.S Sadar that on the secret information of one person he recovered 60 bottles of country Liquor Marka Darling from the illegal possession of Balwant S/o Sh Mohan Singh Vill. Jalail PO Shoghi Distt Shimla.

  3. An Excise Case FIR No. 2/13 is registered at PS Sunni on 17-12-13 U/S 39, 33, 13 HP Excise Act on the report of SI Tara Chand, SHO PS Sunni that on the secret information of one person he recovered 57 bottles of country Liquor from the possession of Hotel Owner Randhir Thakur S/o Sh. Khem Raj Thakur R/o Vill. Dishti, PO Sainj, Teh. Sunni, Distt. Shimla.

  4. An Accident Case FIR No. 60/13 is registered at PS Kotkhai on 17-12-13 U/S 279,379 IPC on the report of ASI Kamal Dev I/O PS Kotkhai that near Nehari Nala a  vehicle bearing No. HP03D-2004 met with an accident. This accident took place due to rashness and negligence of Driver Kamal Chand S/o late Sh. Hari Man R/o Vill. Gundsa, Teh. Jubbal, Distt. Shimla, 5 persons sustained multiple injuries. The case is being investigated by ASI Kamal Dev, I/O PS Kotkhai.

  5. An Accident Case FIR No.257/13 is registered at PS West on 17-1213 U/S 279,337 IPC on the statement of Sh, Charan Singh Chaudhari  S/o late Sh. Dina Nath R/o Vill. Hira Nagar, Teh. & Distt. Shimla, alleging therein that on 17-12-2013 at 3.15 PM, when he was sitting outside the shop the Bus No. HP63-3347 of HRTC hit a parked vehicle Nos. HP63-0428, HP52A-7013 and broken the stairs of Kuldeep Singh and thereafter fell down. The passengers and driver got injured. The case is being investigated by SI Harish Kumar, I/C PP Jutog.

  6. A Theft Case FIR No. 182/13 is registered at PS Theog on 18-12-13 U/S 379, 34 IPC on the statement of Sh. Ramesh Hetta S/o Sh. Nand Ram  R/o Vill. Premghat, PO & Teh. Theog, Distt. Shimla, alleging therein that on 17-12-13 he parked his M/Car bearing No. HP09A-1850 near C.H. Theog at 8-00 PM. But on 18-12-2013 the above veheicle was not present on the spot .The above vehicle has been stolen by some known person. The cost of stolen vehicle Rs. 1,25,000/-.The above  stolen vehicle has been   recovered.  The case is being investigated by HC Het Ram I/O PP Fagu.

  7. During last 24 hours 128 vehicles were challaned by Shimla Police under MV Act, 10 persons were challaned under Smoking Act. & 3 challaned under  Police Act.  The total amount of Compounding fee of challans is Rs. 19,500/-.

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