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Saturday, November 16, 2013


1.          A Trespass Case FIR No.219/13 is registered at PS Sadar Shimla on 15.11.13 U/S 448,380 IPC on the Complaint of Sh Anil Kumar Sood S/o Sh Kishori Lal R/o 23 Middle Bazar Simla alleging therein that he has taken a shop on rent Rs 4000/- PM from Smt Suman Lata Sood W/o Lt Sh Gurdayal  Kuthiala R/o East Cottage below Thana Sadar Shimla. On 15.11.13 when he visited the shop and found that Smt Suman Lata Sood has broken the lock of  his shop and said shop locked with another lock  and took away all his articles lying in the shop. The Case is being investigated by HC Vinod Kumar I/O P.S Sadar Shimla. 

2.           An Fire Incident Case FIR No 220/13  is registered at  PS  Sadar Shimla on 16.11.13 U/S  285 IPC on the statement  of  Sh Prakash Chand S/o Lt Sh Bharat Ram A/P Honorary Leading Fire Man The Mall Shimla  alleging therein that on 16.11.13 at 12.25 AM when he was on his duty at Fire Station The Mall Shimla a person informed in Fire station telephonically that fire have broke out in shed near  U.S Club jungle and in this fire incident a unknown person who was sleeping in the shed is burned and died . This Case is being investigated by PSI Deepak  I/O P.S Sadar Shimla. 

3.           A ND & PS Act Case FIR No 221/13  is registered at 16.11.13 U/S 27 ND & PS Act  IPC on the Rukka of ASI Jasbir Singh I/O P.S Sadar Shimla alleging therein that on 16.11.13  ASI Jasbir Singh along with staff were on patrolling duty in Ridge Area. When he reached near Padam Dev complex two persons namely Chander Thakur S/o Sh Mohinder Singh VPO Dhanoli Tehsil Nankhari  Distt Shimla age 25 years and Arun Kumar S/o Lt Sh Moti Lal Vill  Khadahan PO Dhanoli  Tehsil Nankhari Distt Shimla age 20 years found smoking charas in the Beedi . This Case is being investigated by PSI Deepak I/O P.S Sadar Shimla.

4.            An Accident Case FIR No. 53/13 is  registered at  PS  Kotkhai on 15.11.13 U/S 279, 337,304A IPC on the statement of Sh. Anup Kumar S/o Karam Dass village Alowang P.O Deovri Knaneti Tehsil Kotkhai Distt Shimla, alleging therein that today at 11.30 AM he was going toward Shimla when he reached near Khamala Nala he saw that a car was fell in Nala about 180 ft. Some people gathered there and he went alongwith some person to the Nala where a Car No HP09B-0880 Mohindra Verito and a dead body of Ravinder Nekta S/o Shayam Lal Nekta Village alowang  P.O Devori Khaneti Tehsil Kotkha was found. He come to know that on 14.11.13 evening Ravinder Nekta was coming from kotkhai to his village alowang where he met with an accident. This accident took place due to negligent driving by the deceased. The case is being investigated by ASI  Kamal  Dev  I/O PS Kotkhai.

5.              During last 24 hours 115 vehicles were challaned by Shimla Police under M V Act and 07 persons were challaned under COTPA (Cigarette & Other Tobacco Act   2005).  The total amount of Compounding fee of  challans under MV, & COPTA Act is  Rs. 13,900/-

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