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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


1.   An Accident  Case FIR No. 48/13 is registered at  PS Nerwa on 04.11.13  U/S 279, 337 IPC & 187 MV Act  on the statement of  Sh Bhopinder Singh S/o Sh Bhagat Ram R/o VPO Bijmal Tehsil Chopal,  alleging  therein that  on  today near about 02:15 PM while he was travelling in vehicle No HP 08C-0647 Pikup towards Shattal from Nerwa  alongwith 10-12 other passengers. When he reached near Shattal Bus Stop around  about 03:30 PM driver of this vehicle Sh Jai Pal S/o Sh Desh Ram R/o  VPO Bijmal Distt Shimla lost his control on his vehicle due to negligent and rash driving. In this accident, No Casualty came in.  The case is being investigated by  ASI Kalyan Singh I/O PS  Nerwa.

2.      An Accident Case FIR No. 46/13  is registered at PS Jubbal  on  05.11.13 U/S 279 on the statement of Sh. Arun Kumar S/o Sh. Bishan Singh R/o Vill. Jakhor P.O Mandal Tehsil &P.S Jubbal U/S 154Cr.P.C ,alleging therein that  today he  alongwith Kamal Kishor S/o Sh. Mohan Lal age 33yrs, Vijender Singh S/o Sh. Maha Nand age 33yrs all  are residents of Vill. Jakhor and Naveen Kumar S/o Sh. Bhagat Chand R/o Vill. Jadhasli  went to join the marriage function of Sh. Anil Kumar R/o vill. Mandhal. After attending the marriage  he and  all friends came back in the Maruti Car No HP 10A-5064 which was driving by Kamal Kishore time about 9:00PM when we reached near Jhaktan driver lost control over the vehicle and fell down 100mtrs from the road . All got injured in the accident and local people carried  him for treatment to CH Rohru. This accident occurred due to negligent of Dvr. Kamal Kishor . The  Case  is being investigated by  HC  Gopal Singh No 85 I/O P.P S/Nagar

3.      A Fire Incident   Case  FIR No. 53/13 is registered at PS Chopal on05.11.13 U/S 285 IPC on the statement of Sh. Mast Ram S/o Shobha Ram R/o Dharchadi PO Malt (Kupvi) Tehsil Chopal Distt. Shimla A/P Teacher in GSSS Malat alleging therein that  on 04.11.13  at  about 5:45  AM  Nain Singh Chowkidar of GSSS Malat intimate him telephonically that GSSS Malat have got fire last night of  Diwali. Five  Rooms, one hall, box and stock register have got fired in this incident .  The Case is being investigated by ASI Subhash Chand I/C PP Kupvi.

4.      A Wrongful Restraint  Case FIR NO 170/13 is  registered at PS Rampur  on 05.11.13  U/S 341, 323, 504, 356, 34IPC on the application of Sh. Mohan Chauhan  S/o Late Sh. Inder Singh Chauhan Village and PO Khamadi Distt Shimla, alleging  therein  that on 04.11.13 at about 5.30 PM while he was on way back home, two persons namely Sher Singh and Viju of same village restrained and beat him. They used abusive language & also threatened him with dire consequence. During scuffle he lost his gold chain. The case is being investigated  by  ASI  Hari Singh  IC PP Nankari

5.     An Excise Act.  Case FIR   No 152/13is registered at PS Theog on 04.11.13 U/S  39 of HP Excise Act on the rukka of ASI Suneel Kumar  I/O PS  Theog ,alleging therein that on 04.11.13 when he was on patrolling alongwith staff. During patrolling a secret information received that one person namely Rajinder S/o Balak Ram  VPO  Chikhar Tehsil Theog Distt Shimla selling County Liquor in his shop. On the secret information when they raid and recovered 63 bottles of Desi  Marka Nalaghar Nio-1 Orange, 10 bottles English Marka Officer Choice and 8 bottles Beer from Rajinder  Shop without Permit/Licence. The case being investigated by ASI  Suneel  Kumar I/O PS Theog.

6.     An Accident Case FIR No.153/13 is registered at PS Theog on 04.11.13 U/S 279,304A IPC on the statement of  Sh Balak Ram  S/o Sukru Ram R/o Kairal  P.O Dharampur  Teh Theog  Distt  Shimla, alleging therein that on 04.11.13 when her daughter Satya Devi and Manoj Kumar came back from Nalan Dharampur to Kairal on M/Cycle  No. HR08-7919 when they reached near Kairal and crossed  a  Maruti  Car than Satya Devi fell down from the M/ Cycle and  got sustained injuries. Satya  Devi carried out for  treatment  CH  Theog  and  Dr declared dead.This accident occur due to rash and negligent riding of Manoj Kumar. The case is being investigated by PSI  Sanjeev Kumar I/O PS Theog.

7.      A  Riot  Case FIR No 214/13 is registered at Sadar  Shimla  05.11.13 U/S 147,149, 323, 356 IPC on the  Complaint of Sh Rishabh Salhotra S/o Late Sh  Prem Chand Salhotra R/o House No. I . Rajesh Cottage Jakhu Shimla, alleging therein that on 04.11.13 when he and his brother Ishant Salhotra was going to his quarter Jakhu  persons namely Baldev, Kailash, Gopal along with 15/20 persons assaulted them, in which Rishab and Ishant got injured and snatched his bag in which Rs 15000/- Currency note . This Case is being investigated by HC Amar Dutt  I/O P.P L/Bazar.

8.     A Culpable Homicide not amounting to murder  Case  FIR No. 221/13 is registered at PS West Shimla on 05.11.13 U/S  304,34 IPC on  statement  of Sh Virbhadra Singh S/o Sh Gulab Chand R/o VPO Chansu  Tehsil Sangla District Kinnaur, alleging therein that  on that 29.10.13 he  and his brother  Bhupinder Singh  and  driver  Sant Ram alongwith Truck 407 No.HP-20(T)-7664 was going to Chandigarh when he reached at Shogi around  about  11.30 PM After dinner, he paid  hotel  bills , his brother Bhupinder Singh went out of the hotel .After a while it came running to his  brother  Bhupinder Singh said that the owner dinner in the hotel 's threatening. Sant Ram Sharma was standing outside the hotel. Then his brother  put in Truck and went for Chandigarh. On reaching  Chandigarh  Bhupinder Singh came to his senses when they are not  well conditions  he admitted   to  PGI Chandigarh where its brother Bhupinder Singh died on 02.11.13. The case is being investigated by  ASI  Bhagi Rath  I/O PS West Shimla

9.   During last 24 hours 127 vehicles were challaned by Shimla Police under M V Act and 13 persons were challaned under COTPA  (Cigarette & Other Tobacco Act  2005). The total amount of Compounding fee of  challans under MV, & COPTA Act is Rs. 10500/-

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