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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Crime Report on Feb. 14, 2019

1.    AN ACCIDENT: Case FIR No 25/19 has been registered at PS Dhalli on 13.02.2019 U/S 279, 337 IPC on the statement of Sh. Vijay Sharma S/o Lt. Sh. Mansa Ram R/o Village Datt, PO Mundaghat, Tehsil & District Shimla, age 34 years stated therein that on 13.02.2019 at about 04-00 PM, a Bus No. HP62A-0723 of Shivalik Nursing School, driven by Shyam Lal came rashly with negligent driving and hit his nephew namely Piyush at Bhattakuffer Bazar, caused sustained injuries to him. The case is being investigated P/SI Dimple, I/O PS Dhalli.
2.    A CHEATING: Case FIR No. 10/19 has been registered at PS Chirgaon on 14.02.2019 U/S 420 467 468 471 120B IPC on the complaint of Sh. Ramesh Kumar S/o Sh. Ram Dass R/o Village Peja, PO Kashdhar, Tehsil Chirgaon, District Shimla alleging therein that Smt. Sun Pati D/o Sh. Bansi Lal R/o Village Sunda, Tehsil Chirgaon, Shimla was the owner of land situated at Sunda-Bonda, Chirgaon, Shimla. After her death on 30.09.2015, she leaving behind four legal heirs namely Sh. Ram Dass (husband), Sh. Dinesh Kumar (Son), Sh. Ramesh Kumar (Son) and Smt. Sanhiya (daughter). One Mr. Attar Singh with the connivance of document writer Sh. Bihari Lal, witness Sh. Misru & Sh. Bavinder Singh  and identifier Ex. Members of GP Diswani have prepared/produced false documents/affidavit and executed false will in the name of Lt. Smt. Sun Pati, with the intention to grab the valuable  land. The case is being investigated by ASI Achhar Singh, I/O PS Chirgaon.   
3.    During last 24 hours 563 vehicles were challaned under MV Act, Compounded= 222, 20 persons challaned under Smoking Act and 02 Challaned under Mining Act.
1.  Accused i) Sanjeev Kumar S/o Sh. Amar Nath R/o Beha, Tehsil Naduan, District Hamirpur, & ii) Khem Raj @ Vikku, arrested in case FIR No. 16/19 U/S 420 120B IPC at PS Sadar, Shimla, further remanded in police custody upto 16.02.2019, by the Ld. Court.
2.    Accused i) Naresh Wadwa S/o Sh. Tilak Raj Wadwa R/o Chander Nagar, Ludhiana, age 25 years and ii) Sidharth Sharma S/o Sh. Pawan Kumar R/o House No. B-2158, Ward No.-3, Chander Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab, age 37 years, arrested in case FIR No. 06/19 Dt. 10.02.2019 U/S 20, 25, 29 ND&PS Act at PS Nerwa, Shimla, today remanded in judicial custody by the Ld. Court.
3.    Accused Bharat Rawat S/o Sh. Dhan Bahadur Rawat R/o Jiri, Odda No.-4, PO Palika Barekat, PS Ramidara, Tehsil & District  Jhajarkot, Nepal A/P C/o Nathu Ram S/o Lt. Sh. Hukkam Ram R/o Village Choch Tehsil Bhuntar, District Kullu, HP. Arrested in case FIR No. 131/18 dated 29.09.2018 U/S 363 366 376 IPC & 4, 6 POCSO Act at PS Rorhu is remanded in police custody upto 16.02.2019, by the Ld. Court.
4.    Accused Tarun S/o Sh. Hem Raj R/o Village & PO Deem, Tehsil Jubbal, District Shimla arrested in case FIR No.07/19 Dt. 06.02.2019 U/S 363 376 IPC & 4, 6 POCSO Act at PS Nankhari, is remanded in police custody upto 16.02.2019, by the Ld. Court.

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