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Saturday, February 1, 2014


1.        Crime: A total of 1888 FIRs were registered in total fifteen Police Stations of Shimla District compared to 1892 registered in 2012. Crime under IPC has increased from 1570 cases in 2012 to 1586 cases in 2012. Under Local and Other Special Laws FIRs have decreased from 322 to 302 cases. Accidental cases have shown slight increase from 379 to 395 cases. Persons who lost their live in these cases have decreased from 186 last year to 153 this year.  Number of injured persons in accidents has also decreased from 663 to 217.  11 cases of murder were registered and 8 out of them were solved. 32 cases of rape were reported this year and all of them have been worked out except one. Theft and Burglary cases have shown slight increase or around 2%. 157 cases of theft were registered in which property worth 129 lacs was stolen out of which property worth 61 lacs was recovered by Police. In 161 cases of burglary property worth 147 lacs was stolen out of which 20 lacs was recovered. 17 cases have been registered under SC/ST (POA) Act and one case was registered under Prevention of Corruption Act. Two police officials were caught red handed accepting bribe by Vigilance Department. Investigation of these cases was under taken by 200 Investigation Officers of Police Station, Special Investigation Unit, Women & Child Support Unit and Supervisory Officers. Figure of Pending Investigation cases at the end of year was close to 15%. The conviction rate was around 20%. A total of 5575 complaints were also enquired by Police out of which 874 were received by SMS, 87 through E-Samadhan and 874 through web-portal of HP Police.
2.       Preventive Policing: Action under 107, 150, 151, 145, 133, 41(2), 109 CrPC, 114 of HP Police Act reduced by 10% (These sections of CrPC deal with prevention of offences).  A total of 1965 persons were booked under various preventive sections of CrPC and HP Police Act. 808 persons were booked under section 114 of HP Police Act.
3.       Anti smoking: Action under Anti-Smoking Act decreased from 7824 Challans in 2012 to 5813 challans in 2013 and fine of Rs 7,11,000 collected.
4.       Mining Act: Challans under Mining Act increased 40% from 111 in 2012 to 155 in 2013.
5.       Missing Persons: 189 new missing persons reports were handled by Police in 2013. Out of this 126 persons were traced.
6.       Arrest of Proclaimed Offenders (PO):    525 POs were reported at the start of 2012, 15 POs were added in 2013. Out of total 540 PO, 24 were arrested. The figure at the end of year is 516.
7.       CCTV: 21 New cameras were installed in Shimla District at various locations including National and State Highways.
8.       Action against Narcotics:  Financial investigation was carried out in 9 cases and property worth more than 60 lacs was seized/freeze.  Number of cases increased  from 61 to 66 in 2013. Seizure of Cannabis/charas increased from 33 Kg to 39 Kg. 73 Kg charas involved in old cases was disposed off by burning.
9.       Law and Order duties: Following fairs (Mela) were organized peacefully – Summer Festival Shimla, Lavi fair Rampur, Navratra fair, Faag Mela Rampur, Theog Utsav, Rohru fair, Dushehra festival at Jakhu and Sunni.
10.   Recruitment process for around 95 vacancies of constables was conducted.
11.   Election:  Peaceful conduct of By-Election of Mandi Lok Sabha Seat 2013 in Rampur constituency.
12.   Management of Traffic: Challans under MV Act decreased by 25% from around 55 thousand in 2012 to around 71 thousand in 2013. 304 persons were challaned for drunken driving, 755 persons were challaned for overspeeding, 1592 for using mobile phone while driving, 45 thousand for unauthorized parking.
13.   Maximizing use of Information Technology: More than 30% of police personnel were trained in functional use of Microsoft office, emails and internet.  All the Police personnel were trained in Reading, writing and sending SMSes. All the ten Police Stations, SP Office (all branches), SDPO Offices have internet facility and most of the communication is handled via emails.
14.   Shimla Police Blog – was used for daily update of crime. Brief of FIR registered in a day was posted on this website at the end of day. People could write comments on the same. The print media used to take out information every day. In other words this acted as daily press brief. The page-views of website crossed 25,000 by 31st Dec 2013.
15.   Service of processes (Summons, Warrants, and Notices etc). In total more than 90,000 service of processes were received including 62 thousand summons, 12 thousand Bailable Warrants, 6 thousand Non-Bailable warrants and 10 thousand Notices were received.
16.   Prisoner Escort:  In total more than 5000 prisoners were escorted to courts and Jails. On an average 30 policemen were deployed for prisoner escort everyday.
17.   VIP duty: On an average around 12 Policemen performed duty of providing security to VIPs. A total of more than 250 VIPs visited Shimla in 2013. Z Plus and NSG/SPG Protected = 19, Z = more than 50, X &Y & others were more than 100. No single case of breach of VIP security happened.
18.   Security arrangements for Visit of President of India.
19.   Police Verification reports: In total more than 30 thousand Police Verification Reports were provided by all the Police Stations in total in 2013.
20.   Gun license cases: over 840 cases of new and renewal of Gun License cases were dealt in year.
21.   Passport verification: 3518 passport verifications were conducted.
22.   Beat Policing: Jurisdiction of Shimla district was divided in 160 Beats and 160 Beat Officers of Constable rank were posted to provide better service to people and to increase police presence in society.
23.   Information to complainant: Practice of informing the complainant about the progress of their cases after every one month was started. The information was supplied every month by postcard.
24.   Awards: 13 Policemen were awarded Commendation Certificate – I and 417 with CC – III.
25.   Weeding of old record: Over 1700 old and outdated files were disposed off in Police Stations, SDPO and SP Office.  
26.   Dealing High Court and SC orders: As SP Shimla, filed 51 Criminal appeals, 92 Civil writ petition replies to High Court of Himachal Pradesh and 41 to Supreme Court of India as respondent. In total 54 matters of Supreme Court and 332 matters of High Court were responded.
27.   RTI Applications: In total 668 RTI applications were handled. 7 appeals were decided by SP Shimla.
28.   Sports: Two state level half marathons were organized.
29.   Improving the quality of investigation: SOs started writing RCNB in own handwriting. Use of Integrated Investigation Forms (IIFs) for Final Report, Arrest and Seizure started. Regular coordination meeting with prosecution. Plan of investigation prepared and supervised at SO level. Video recording in Special reported cases.  FIR in Non-Cognizable Case through CIPA system started also entered in CIPA system.
30.   Police Constructions, Transport & others: Under constructions sites visited during field visits and minor changes pointed out in time by Supervisory Officers. Newly constructed building taken over – Police Station Theog, Police Post Sarahan. In total 1 Type V, 1 Type IV, 39 Type – III, 136 Type – II quarters are available in Shimla District. 101 vehicles of various kinds were maintained.
31.   Shimla Police facebook page: , which has more than 4000 fans as on date, was actively used to interact with people. All the information of the major police action was regularly updated to inform people. People used to respond with likes, comments and shares. These comments were promptly responded. Also, people were encouraged to give information of any violation of law. This form of communication was faster than the communication through Shimla Police website. This was because whenever the status was updated on facebook page, it was immediately notified to the fans. This later spread though likes, comments and shares to others.
32.   Police night on retirement of police officials at the end of every month.
33.   Renovation of NGO mess in Police Lines Shimla.
34.   Renovation of Gym in Police Lines Kaithu.
35.   A total of 2 mentally ill persons were taken in police protection for their treatment in hospital.

36.   Training: A total of 167 training courses of various nature were used to train policemen though various agencies in which over 1000 policemen were trained.

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