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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Crime Report on Jan. 11, 2017

  1. An Accident: Case FIR No. 03/17 has been registered at PS Dhalli on 10.01.2017 U/S 279 337 IPC on the rukka of ASI Kuldeep Singh, I/C PP Mashobra, Shimla alleging therein that on 07.01.2017, at about 04-45 PM, one Alto Car No. HP-52B-0473 met with an accident near Jabbal due to rash & negligent driving of Prem Singh & rolled down from the road, caused sustained injuries to him. Due to heavy snowfall, they could not inform any authority and now Prem Singh is under treatment at PGI Chandigarh.  The case is being investigated by ASI Kuldeep Singh, I/C PP Mashobra.
  2. A Cruelty to Animal Act: Case FIR No. 05/17 has been registered at PS Chirgaon on 10.01.2017 U/S  429, 188 IPC & 11 The Prevention of cruelty to Animla Act on the statement of Sh. Banka Ram S/o Lt. Sh. Shiv Sharan R/O Village Diswani Tehsil. Chirgaon alleging therein that on 09.01.2017, on the occasion of Shand, some villagers were offering goats for sacrificing at Gudaru Devta Temple, Diswani, Chirgaon.
  3. A Trespass: Case FIR No. 07/17 has been registered at PS Jhakri today on 11.01.2017 U/S 447, 427, 34 IPC on the application of Sh. Kamla Nand Thakur S/o Lt. Sh. Sagar Dass Thakur R/o Village Kurgu,  PO Shahdhar, Tehsil Rampur, Shimla alleging therein that on 11.05.2016, one Sh. Devi Dass R/o Forest Line Sarahan alongwith two persons namely Gopal & Ranvir, Both are Patwari in Forest Deptt. trespassed in his land at Kurgu and cut 20 apple trees. The case is being investigated by HC Dola Ram, I/O PS Jhakri.   
  4. During last 24 hours 282 vehicles were challaned under MV Act, compounded = 216 & fine realized Rs. 68,500/-, 46 persons challaned under Smoking Act & fine collected Rs. 4,600/- and 01 Challaned under Mining Act.


  1. In the evening of 10.01.2017, Dr. Manjeet R/o Village Shadog, PO Chailli, Shimla informed that five Migrant Labourers (Bihari) identified as i) Devan Kumar & ii) Jai Kumar, both are S/o Sh. Aitwas Lal R/o Village Satwargar, PO Sindhia Kishanganj, Bihar, age 28 years, iii) Ravi Kumar S/o Sh. Bhagwat Karmakar, R/o Khari, PO Balianloan, Tehsil Santwadi, Distt. Kaliyar, Bihar, age about 25 year, iv) Manjar Alam S/o Sh. Naseerudeen R/o Village Dumarmani, PO Sindhia, Tehsil Pargahta, Distt. Kishanganj, Bihar, age 28 years & v) Munna S/o Sh. Kelrai R/o Village Khari, PO Baliya Blain, Tehsil Sanmadi, Distt. Katiyar, Bihar, age 22 years, who engaged at his home for wooden & carpenter work found dead in a room due to suffocation caused by carbon monoxide emitted from burning angethi during recent snow near Hira Nagar. Their postmortem is being conducted at IGMC Shimla.
  2. On 10.01.2017, Decease Mohinder Singh S/o Sh. Dhani Ram R/o Ward No. 1, Pipty, Tehsil Rampur, Shimla, age 22 years brought to MC MSC Khaneri, where MO declared him brought dead. After autopsy, dead body handed over to his relatives for cremation.
  3. On 10.01.2017, Deceased Gopal Singh Kapatia S/o Sh. Jatti Ram @ Jattu R/o Village & PO Sugha, Tehsil & PS Rampur, Shimla, age 46 years, A/P Sr. Superintendent in Directorate of Animal Husbandry at Boileauganj, Shimla found dead in his residence at Vikas Bhawan, Chakkar, Shimla. His postmortem is being conducted at IGMC Shimla.
  4. On 11.01.2017, Deceased Dev Singh Nepali R/o Village Chishapani, Distt. Banke, Anchal Beri Nepal, age 45 years, who was working as labourer at Rohru area, found dead near village Annu. After autopsy, dead body is kept in mortuary at CH Rohru. His relative has been informed at Nepal and dead body will be handed over to them for cremation on their arrival.  

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