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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Crime Repot on Jan. 28, 2016

  1. A ND&PS Act case FIR No. 18/16 has been registered at PS Dhalli today on 28.01.2016 U/S 20-61-85 ND&PS on the rukka of ASI Joginder Singh, I/O PS Dhalli alleging therein that today on 28.01.2016, he alongwith staff was on patrolling duty towards Dhalli Subzi Mandi. On the secret information, he searched the Dhabha of Smt. Rajo Devi W/o Lt. Sh. Fakeer Chand R/o Rajo Niwas, Dingudhar, Sanjauli Shimla, age 56 years and recovered 60 gram Charas from her possession. The case is being investigated by ASI Joginder Singh, I/O PS Dhalli.

  2. A Murder case FIR No 06/16 has been registered at PS Nerwa on 27.01.2016 u/s 302 ipc ps nerwa on the statement of Sh. Ramesh Kalsaik S/O Sh Charan Dass R/o Vill & PO Ruslah PS Nerwa Tehsil Chopal Distt Shimla stated therein that three Nepalese namely Jai Bahadur ,Tilak Bahadur and Hari Bahadur are working in his apple garden. On 26.01.2016, Jai Bahadur and Hari Bahadur went to Nerwa, but not return to home. After that when Tilak Bahadur and his cousin Subhash went to apple garden and saw that Jai Bahadur was lying near the apple plant and a scarf (Mufler) was on his neck. When Subhash told him about this incident, he along with Tilak Bahadur and another people went to the spot and found Jai Bahadur in dead condition and saw scratch mark on his neck. Ms. Neeta, D/o Sh. Govind Ram told them that yesterday evening two Gorkha,s were quarrelling with each other in drunken condition. He doubts that Hari Bahadur has murdered Jai Bahadur by strangulated with scarf( Mufler). The case is being investigated by SI/SHO PS Nerwa.

  3. A  Mischief to destroy property with fire case FIR No. 04/16 has been registered at PS Chirgaon on 27.01.2016 U/S 435 IPC on the statement of Smt. Suna Devi D/o Gujar R/o Village Todsa TehsiL Chirgaon Distt Shimla alleging therein that on 12.01.2016, one person namely Sita Ram S/o Sagar Dass R/o Village Todsa Tehsil Chirgaon set a fire in the grass and damaged her apple trees & one toli grass etc.. The case is being investigated by ASI Kuldeep Kumar I/O PS Chirgaon.

  4. A House Trespass case FIR No 05/16 has been registered at PS Chirgaon  27.01.2016 U/S 452,341,323,504 IPC on the statement of on the of Smt Murtu Devi W/o Lt. Sh. Budhi Singh R/o Village Khabal, Tehsil Chirgaon, Shimla alleging therein that on the intervening night of 24/25.01.2016, one person namely Chhotu S/o Lt. Sh. Rattan Dass obstructed her  way, entered in her house & beaten her brutally.The case is being investigated by HC Puran Singh I/O PS Chirgaon.

  5. A Theft case FIR No. 15/16 has been registered at PS West on  27.01.16 U/S 382 IPC PS West Shimla on the statement of Sh NIshant Thapa R/o Village & PO Ghanahatti Tehsil & Distt Shimla alleging therein there in that on 25.01.2016 he was going to Chandigarh. At ISBT Shimla, a stranger person came there, took his phone and run away from the spot. The case is being investigated by ASI Shiv Kumar I/O PS West. 

  6. A Fire Incident case FIR No. 08/16 has been registered at PS Rorhu on 27.01.2016 U/S 285, 323, 427, 504 IPC on the statement  of Smt. Urmila Devi W/O Sh. Bali Ram R/O Village Jundi PO Samoli Tehsil & PS Rohru Distt. Shimla HP stated therein that on 27.01.2016 Sh. Kali Ram set fire in his apple orchard at Birkul. Suddenly the fire become uncontrolled and spread towards her Apple orchard due to negligence of Sh. Kali Ram. When she asked, Kali Ram beaten and abused her. The case is being investigated by ASI Gopal Singh I/O PS Rohru.

  7. An Accident case FIR No. 09/16 has been registered at PS Theog today on 28.01.2016 U/S 279,337,304A IPC on the statement of Smt. Kamla W/o Sh. Surat Ram R/o Village Bharech, PO Saryun, Tehsil Theog, Shimla alleging therein that on 28.01.2016 at about 09-00 AM, she stood outside her house, at the same time one vehicle No. HP-09A-0198 White Colour Maruti Car, met with an accident & rolled download 50 feet from the road due to rash & negligent driving of Hem Raj. In this accident, one person died on the spot & 03 persons sustained injuries. The case is being investigated by SI/ Addl. SHO PS Theog.

  8. During last 24 hours 286 vehicles challaned under MV Act, 67 Persons challaned under Smoking Act & 01 Challaned under Mining Act. Total Challan compounded = 154 and fine realized Rs. 48,900/-

    Proceeding U/S 174 Cr.PC:-

  1. Deceased Gagan Bahadur Nepali was admitted to IGMC Shimla on 20.01.2016 in trauma ward unit-I for left femur treatment who died on 26.01.2016 at 7.30 pm. there were none attendant with the patient in IGMC Shimla. After conducted post- mortem his deadbody has been kept in mortuary in IGMC Shimla. Description of dead body is as under: Height 5' 2'', age about 60 years, Whitish complexion, thin body, partially beard with long hairs, laprosy effect on nose, hand fingers and feet.


  1. Accused Om Pal S/o Dila Ram village Nala Margi P/o Sharvi P/o Nirmand Distt Kullu age 31 years arrested in case FIR No 12/16 on 21.01.2016 U/S 20-61-85 ND&PS act at PS Rampur is on police remand up to 03.02.2016.

  2. Accused Praneet Kumar S/o Sh. Mehar Singh R/o Village & PO Adahal, Tehsil Rohru, Distt. Shimla, age 47 years and Manoj Verma S/o Sh. Gopal Singh Verma R/o Village Shanan, PO Sanjauli Shimla, age 37 years, arrested in case FIR No. 03/16 U/S 269,270,277,336,326 IPC & 43, 44 of Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act at PS Dhalli, sent to judicial custody by the trail court.  

  3. Accused Goverdhan S/o Maya  Ram R/o Village Muhan PO Kothi Teh Aani, Distt Kullu ,Age 31 years (2) Vicky S/o Sh. Bhagwan Dass R/o Village Mathvi PO Digar Tehsil Aani Distt Kullu, arrested in case FIR No. 13/16 Dt. 22.01.2016 U/S 18,29-61-85 ND &PS Act at PS Rampur are on police remand up to 04.02.2016. 

  4. Accused Narinder Kumar S/o Sh. Ramdhari R/o Village Susana, PO, Tehsil & PS Kharkhoda District Sonipat age 24 years, arrested in case FIR No. 08/16 Dt. 17.01.2016 U/S 7 HP Prevention of Malpractices at University, Board and Other Specific Exam. Act 1984 & 420, 511, 120B IPC PS New Shimla, today sent to Judicial custody by the Trial court. Today they have been brought to Distt. Court Shimla to produce before Ld. Court.  

  5. Accused i) Nitin Verma S/o Sh. Gurudyal R/o Village & PO Jalog, Tehsil Sunni, Shimla, HP Age 18 years, ii) Nikhil Chandel S/o Sh. Ramesh Chandel R/o Village & PO Shilaru, Tehsil Theog, Shimla, age 19 years & iii) Rakshak Khachi S/o Sh. Prem Singh Khachi, R/o Village Diddy, PO & Tehsil Theog, Distt. Shimla, age 20 years, arrested in case FIR No. 08/16 Dt. 25.01.2016 U/S 302,392,120B IPC at PS Theog.

  6. Accused Rajo Devi W/o Lt. Sh. Fakeer Chand R/o Rajo Niwas, Dingudhar, Sanjauli Shimla, age 56 years, arrested today in case FIR No. 18/16 Dt. 28.01.16 U/S 20-61-85 ND&PS Act at PS Dhalli. Tomorrow she will be produced before Ld. Court.

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