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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Crime Report On 14 Nov.2015

A Gambling Act Case FIR No 202/15 Dated 13/11/2015 U/S 13 Public Gambling Act 1867 PS Rampur  has been registered on the rukka of ASI Ramesh Chand Investigation Officer PS Rampur alleged that on dated 13/11/15 at about 5:10 PM when he was on patrolling along with staff at Bayal Pul near Dutnagar 7  persons namely  Dhanvir,Subhash,Durga Singh,Sam Dass,Sanam Kumar,Chand Kumar & Manoj Kumar were caught while playing with cards and Rs 14,500/- recovered  from them. Case has been registered and is being investigated by ASI Ramesh Chand I/O PS Rampur Bsr .


2     A Forgery for purpose of cheating case FIR No 325/15 dated 13-11-2015 U/S 170,419,420,468, IPC PS Sadar Shimla has been registered on the complaint  of Sh.Arun Kumar S/o Sh. Krishan Lal R/o Village Sandhasu PO & Tehsil Chirgaon Shimla alleging therein that he met one person namely Sanish Sharma who has given his identity as a IB officer and ensured to give him service on  demand of  money. He has paid Rs 4600/-to Mr Sanish and thereafterMr. Sanish told him that he is sanding one person namely Sanjeev Kumar who is also IB Officer and will make his  appointment letter and  again he has demanded  money. Mr Arun Kumar has given Rs 14500/-to Mr. Sanjeev Kumar. On 13-11-2015 again he has given Rs 14000/-with his education certificate at Sacandel point Shimla. He doubt both of  them  for fraud IB officers.Mr. Sanish Sharma and Sanjeev kumar have cheated to Mr. Arun Kumar for giving him service on the amount of total Rs. 33,000/-case is being investigated by ASI Amarnath Sharma I/o PS Sadar


  3    A theft case FIR No 279  /15 dated 13-11-2015 U/S 457,380,34 IPC PS west has been registered on the application of ShRiti Raj S/o Sh. Puran Dass R/o Village Suni P.o Tehsil Suni Distt. Shimla alleging therein that he is working in CK infriastructure Tutikandi as toll operator on the eve of Deepawali only some buses are coming and out going suddenly he get sleep in his Gomuti. When he get up his sleep he found empty  his cash box. As per cctv footage two person one of namely Karam Chand second person  does not recognized have found to entered their hand on the window of Gumti. And stolen his cash ,mobile and his bag. Csae is being investigated by HC Anil kummar I/o PS west.


  4     A theft causing hurt by mean of poison case FIR No 278/15 dated 13-11-2015 U/S 382,328 IPC PS West  has been registered on the statement of Sh. Moti Singh S/o Sh. Parmal Singh R/o Village Samakot P.O Jajar Kot District Jajar Kot Nepal alleging therein that he working with his family in the house  of Ranbir Karar at Rorhoo .On 09-11-2015 he reached at ISBT Shimla through HRTC bus alone. Mr Ranbir Karar has paid his labourer money Rs. 50,000/-who has kept in his safe custody. When he is waiting  his bus time at ISBT Shimla on 09-11-2015 In the mean time one unknown Napali met him and tolled him that he is also going to Napal. Thereafter they have taken wine at ISBT bus stand and suddenly gone in 

         unconscious condition. After some time when he woke up he does not  

         found his money Rs. 50,000/-and mobile .Dishonestly by above unknown    

         Nepali has mixed  drugs in his wine and  stolen his money and mobile.    

         Case is being investigated by ASI Mast Ram I/O PS West.


  5     An Accident  Case FIR No 203/15 Dated 14/11/2015 U/S 279 IPC has been registered on the statement of Sh Ramesh chauhan Village Jai Kunj Near Seni By Pass Road Sanjauli alleged that on dated 14/11/15 at about 10.15 AM when reached Indra Market he saw that his car No HP63B-3700 was hit by Pick up No HP 69A-0323. It his accident occur due to rash and negligent driving of the driver Anil Kumar S/O Prakash Chand R/O Bilaspur. Case has been registered and is being investigated by IO HC Shahsi Bhushan No 196 I/O PP City Rampur.


   6     During last 24 hours 184 vehicles were Challaned by Shimla Police under  

          MV Act, 1 Challaned Smoking act, Total Challan compounded = 65 and

          fine realized Rs 21,300/-




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