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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


1.      A case under Gambling Act is registered at Police Station Sadar Shimla on 29/1/13 u/s 13/3/67 Gambling that on 29/01/13 at 4.15 p.m., during patrolling a secret information was received by patrolling that a lady who deals in lady garments in Lower Bazar is betting. On this information a raid was conducted in her shop and an amount of Rs. 2410/- involved in betting was recovered from her alongwith Register and chits etc.

2.      A case under excise act is registered at Police Station Rampur on 29-01-13 U/S 61-1-14 Excise Act that on 29-01-13, during patrolling one lady was caught by selling/serving liquor in pegs in her Dhaba and one bottle of English Liquor was recovered from her

3.      A case under excise act is registered at Police Station Rampur on 29-01-13 U/S 61-1-14 Excise Act that on 29-01-13 at about 3.30 pm, 12 bottles of Country Liquor were recovered at village Urman from one person during patrolling.

4.      A Trespass case is registered at Police Station Sadar, Shimla on 29/1/13 u/s 448 IPC the complainant purchased a Building at Carlin Ford and during the deal, one tenant used to live in the said building. On 29/1/13, when she reached at her above house, she found that one person has illegally trespassed her house and taken possession on 4 rooms.

5.      A theft case is registered at Police Station Jubbal 30/01/2013 U/S 379 IPC that he has parked his Maruti Car No. No. CH03D-8708 at Gangta Kenchi on 29/01/2013. On 30.01.2013 i.e. on today when he went to see his vehicle, he found it stolen from the above place of parking. During the course of investigation vehicle is recovered and accused arrested.

6.      On 21.01.2013, PSI Babu Ram lodged a Case under Section 224 IPC at Police Station Manimajra, Chandigarh that on 19.01.2013, he proceeded towards Amritsar and Jirakpur in connection with the investigation of a case registered at Police Station Dhalli, District Shimla u/s  U/S 382,380 IPC alongwith staff and accused involved in the said case. On 21.01.2013 at 02.15 PM, when they were coming back to Shimla by his own vehicle, the accused managed to escape from their lawful custody at Manimajra. PSI Babu Ram, ASI Manohar Lal and Ct. Tashi Negi, No. 669, who are immediately responsible for this prisoner escape, are hereby suspended from duty with immediate effect. In order to elucidate all the circumstances connected with the escape and determination of issue whether the escape could have been prevented by the exercise of such vigilance and courage on the part of the enrolled police officer immediately responsible as might reasonably have been expected and whether it was rendered possible or facilitated by any neglect or omission of duty on the part of any superior enrolled police officer, a searching departmental enquiry is hereby ordered against PSI Babu Ram, ASI Manohar Lal and Constable Tashi Negi, No. 669.


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